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Can Medal of Honor: Warfighter give Black Ops 2 a run for its money?

by William Schwartz on August 15, 2012

New Medal of Honor: Warfighter and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 videos have seen releases in recent weeks. The recent Black Ops 2 multiplayer reveal showed that Treyarch is making serious considerations in the way that they are tackling multiplayer in this year’s release. While Medal of Honor: Warfighter’s multiplayer has been seen at tradeshows and in beta for some time now, a recent video has got fans drawing serious similarities between the two games that will release within weeks of each other.

EA has made no secrets about its intentions. It wants to steal market share from Call of Duty in any way that they can. Last year, Battlefield 3 did just that, by releasing weeks ahead of the popular shooter. Battlefield 3 didn’t dethrone Call of Duty, but EA explained that their strategy worked. Battlefield 3 was the best launch for the company in history, and they’re looking to duplicate that success with this year’s Medal of Honor.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter looks to be more appealing to the Call of Duty fan out of the gate. A faster paced brand of gameplay compared to the massive size and scope of Battlefield 3 could be just what is needed in making a Call of Duty fan shift their allegiance. Having a look at the recently released gameplay footage of Medal of Honor: Warfighter, you can see that not only has the development team at Danger Close upped the ante in terms of intensity, but they’ve also changed enough of the formula to give Warfighter it’s own distinct flavor.

Medal of Honor Fireteam Gameplay

This year, early previews suggest that Black Ops 2 will see the biggest changes to multiplayer since Modern Warfare 2. A shift in the tried and true mechanic of Killstreaks to one that focuses on a more encompassing Point Streak system was the talking point about this year’s game. Add in a new futuristic setting, and if Treyarch doesn’t get the familiarity part of the equation right, they could be leveling the playing feild for Medal of Honor: Warfighter considerably.

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  • Forest



    I agree with dude above. I loved the last Medal of Honor (Campaign only, multi player sucked donky balls) but if the epic Battlefield 3, with all it’s updated graphics, jets, tanks, battlelog, fan favorite maps, excellent support and more can’t dethrone call of duty I really don’t think that Medal of Honor can.

    That’s what you call mindless zombies that just buy anything. That’s what you get when you have a game where you can never get away from the first person mode and a gun. Running around like idiots, run and gun, the ground soldier doesn’t even have to ever worry about turning a corner and having to deal with taking on 1 to 3 tanks all by himself.

    I love making fun of call of duty fan boys. I stick my finger out like it’s a gun and go doooohhhh with my eyes rolled up in my head. It’s so damn boring to play call of duty. Zombies in Blops 1 is cool but I can’t even play that anymore. All my friends just want to do the easter egg.

    Call of Duty takes no skill and stupid little kids will always buy that cheap crap up over anything complicated.

  • Unbiased

    Blops2 is basically imitating Homefront with this new poing allocation system. Also, their score streak system is still broken because unlike Homefront your points reset when you are killed.

    Homefront still has the best system IMO and including map designs/game type with conquest.

  • AKA Zzz

    If your points didn’t reset, you’d be rewarding mindless retards who run around dying but somehow manage to scrape together 10 kills.

    As for BF3, I love it. But not everyone wants to “take on 3 tanks at once” and the infantry gameplay is extremely slow on the larger maps on console. It’s not uncommon to see the top player going 3-1 on Caspian Border. It’s just not everyone’s idea of fun.

    But keep bashing Call of Duty, you don’t sound bitter at all.

  • cheesewaffle1

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I read the title and couldn’t help but almost shit my pants in laughter. Medal of Honor has always been a shit game and will surpass nothing. Medal of Honor is a money grubbing way to promote the next Battlefield game. I don’t think this story is even a story, more as a joke.

  • cheesewaffle1

    I had Homefront and you’re giving waaaay too much credit. The game was extremely sloppy and horribly put together. The servers were shit and the flow of gameplay was just god awful. I have no idea where you see similarities in Homefront and Black Ops 2

  • WYTAWillis

    Cod is a shit game. Every new entry is like copy and paste, and cod fanboys are wasting their money on gameplay style thats gone stale. Medal Of Honor Warfighter is actually worth spelling out, plus Medal of honor has always been awesome, having new gameplay, better graphics, a better story, its more authentic.


    their both shit. bring on halo 4 bitches!

  • DERP?

    SO let me get this straight: MoH has no story but “MASON WHERE R DE NUMBERZ KGROID{NSGOPS” is a story? MoH had the best campaign of any modern shooter, call of duty is a bad version of an action movie. The guys take 50 bullets to the head and never die because they’re too important. Then every main character dies in the end to add to the tension. Plenty of other games have it where no main character dies and the game ends perfectly. CoD’s campaign is a joke.

  • Heavenswarrior121

    Lol look at the cod haters,why do you think very few peoole buy those crappy ass medal of honor games now? Battlefail sucks and medal of honor sucks its all about the king of fps fags ;) im guessin bops will sell 6 million the first day of release i doubt medal of honor will even sell 2 million in 1 month lmao shitty game

  • Anonymous

    Why does everyone get defensive of either game like they had anything to do with it, no need to represent a game with such intensity.


    The last Medal of Honor was one of the best campaigns I have ever played. COD is just total $hit. Tell me those punks can even think about playing Counter Strike without getting their asses handed to them.

    Then tell me that they can handle adapting in Battlefield to the situation. YES I DO LIKE TAKING ON 3 TAKES BY MYSELF. Not that I can always do it but yeah…it does happen and it’s hillarious. I don’t understand why some find it so hard but I often find my self # 1 of each map. Especially Battlfield 1943, I am the best in the world at that game by far. My score usually totalls all my team and the enemy team combined, espeically in “air superiority mode”.

    In BF3 it’s much harder but so damn much fun but I haven’t even played the single player and don’t plan to. Medal of Honor for Campaign, Battlefield for epic online battles and COD for panzy kids that’s can’t handle hardcore games like Counter Strike and Battlefield.

    Those COD kids can’t handle flying a plane. They can’t understand where the enemy is coming from, they can’t orient themselves with the battlefield while turning tight g’s, rolling and pitching. They don’t understand the physics and momentom a plane or even a vehicle has. They can’t multi task – shooting at an enemy, seeing that one’s behind them while also seeing that a chopper is coming in and 2 more tanks.

    I see all on the Battlefield, I use skill and tactics to improvise and overcome the enemy. Battlefield is where it’s at. COD you never stop looking at a gun in FPS mode. Run and gun BULL SHIT. Panzies I swear. Sure you get 100 times the kills in COD but that just plays into the stupid little kids, unrealistic to hell, run and gun no skill, whoever sees you first wins bull shit that COD is.

  • Noz

    With all the money cod is raking in, youd expect better graphics, and stuff but no. Same basic shit each year. Everytime i find out about an upcoming cod i think, another “major” cod title that mirrors the last installment, and should be a dlc instead of sequel.

    • Anonymous

      Obviously riding the money train. With nothing else like it, people keep buying.

  • zentrix

    If you really think this will sell more than cod you are a retarded cod hater. I don’t like cod anymore, but like others have already said if battlefield couldn’t outsell it what makes you think medal of honor, a lesser known game could?

  • Noz

    I dont think MoH is going to beat cod in sales, but in gameplay, graphics, campaign, and multiplayer are sure as hell to beat cod’s overly used formula, by a mile.

  • McHader

    It doesn’t matter which game is better, once Gta V comes out both cod and moh are history. All who agree say “aye”

  • Unbiased

    Eh not that Homefrot was awesome but not resetting points was beneficial. It Encouraged players to run around and camp for fear of losing their killstreak

  • Unbiased

    Not camp

  • Lets be honest

    I think moh warfighter will take some share from blops 2 but wont surpass well not yet. The game that will surpass it is halo 4.

  • WYTAWillis

    Another cod fanboy. Get real, cod was fun but times have passed. The only reason cod gains so much money is because of fanboys like you, buying the same shitty, fucking excuse of a game. Calling people who are realist fags, well that just makes you look like a dumbass, cause were not wasting 60 dollars on the shit. Fuck that.

  • WYTAWillis

    That one was for Cheesewaffles.

  • Heavenswarrior121

    Only why battlefail and medal of honor sells so bad oh wait….cuz they suck! Lmao dont get mad get glad ;) black ops 2 will dominate this fall cuz suck on it!

  • McHader

    Dont forget about halo 4 bro, which is obviosly better than cod. If you think cod is going to beat any game this summer, is bevause of fanboys who are to loyal.


    Im honestly very underwhelmed my warfighter. Campaign may be good but the multi looks like a more generic bf3 close quarters with less satisfying gunplay.

    If I had to bet blops 2 vs warfighter Id say blops 2. Newer setting makes it look more interesting. Ive always liked treyarch better than IW anyways.

    I dont think either is the game to watch out for though. Halo 4 and CSGO are going to eat into both of those games. People are getting tired of the same thing over and over.



  • Cool dude

    OMG just shut the hell up. Just because a person buys a product that you hate, theyre suddenly your nemesis.

  • abc

    no. you are shit.

  • abc

    im pertaining to the one who hates hipsters, aka Mrs. Garrison

  • djmagnumb

    This has absolutely nothing to do with this article but theres a lot of posts here some I’m hoping someone may know the answer to my question. Does anyone know if Prey 2 is still in the works? I read they either cancelled or postponed it awhile back but haven’t seen anything about it as of late.

  • Hater2tebone

    IW is the engine used for everey cod, so treyarch use the same engine only they modifiate a bit and give it a new name.?

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