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Tough Week for PS4, Xbox One Levels the Playing Field

by Bill Hess on July 27, 2013


The PS4 is still going be a great console. It’s still going to play all of those great games we saw at E3, have the exact same exclusive lineup we were so excited about and do all of the other cool social networking stuff that was promised. But my, what a week it’s been!

First, earlier this week one of Sony’s in-house developers came out and said that he hates Gamestop’s used games business model. He even went as far as to say  “We should do something about getting part of the revenue back from GameStop and places like that. That’s not penalizing the consumers; they’ll still get what they want. But I don’t know who’s going to address it.” This is eerily similar to the used games policy that was proposed by the Xbox One several months ago. This is a controversial topic, but his comment is a direct contradiction to what a lot of PS fans have been harping on the Xbox One about. And though this doesn’t represent the PS4 as a whole, it certainly doesn’t look good that the developer behind one of the PS4’s most anticipated titles, “The Order: 1886,” is on the side with the “Xbots.”

Up until now it was widely believed that the PS4 would use 7GB of RAM dedicated solely to games

And now this revelation. According to a report by Digital Foundry, the PS4’s OS will apparently require 3.5GB of RAM leaving only 4.5GB as the baseline guaranteed amount of memory available for games. While up to 1GB may be available as “flexible” memory, this is certainly disappointing from what we have been led to believe so far. Up until now it was widely believed that the PS4 would use 7GB of GDDR5 RAM dedicated solely to games. This was shouted from the highest mountains by the PS faithful and was a legitimate bragging right for their console of choice. In all fairness, 4.5GB of RAM is still more than enough to make a quality game and we as fans should not feel too disappointed.

Sony and the PS4 easily took the early rounds of the PR war, but after this week? Adding up everything that’s come out since E3, we’ve now heard that Sony quietly removed their camera to get a lower price point, secretly changed their DRM policy after the Xbox One received so much backlash and allowed the general public to believe for months that up to 7GB of RAM would be available for games.

And while Sony seemed like it could do no wrong in the beginning, Microsoft seems to be the one that’s made all of the smart decisions of late. One analyst earlier this week even predicted that the Xbox One could outship the PS4 by a margin of 3 to 1 upon launch.

At this point the specs, policies and functions between the two consoles have never been closer. Public opinion seems to be shifting and due to the Xbox One’s recent policy changes and the discovery that the PS4 will have only 4.5GB of RAM available for games, the playing field appears to have been leveled considerably.

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  • luisD

    This is coming from a 12yr EX xbox fan, after what Microsoft tried to do i wont be getting an Xbox one and now all there doing is copying all the policies and back tracking everything to be equal to sony. I dont trust them anymore and you can tell by the direction they are heading thats its more for money and all in one system then pure gaming . Ps4 still has faster better and modern gddr5 memory compared to xbox ddr3 also the gpu is still a hell of alot stronger. Ps4s hardware and games will be better and there overall view and attitude towards this new generation makes them the right choice for me. (Not to mention there finally on par with online features and that new controllerrrrrrr)

    • GK15

      I don’t get what you mean? Sony was going to do the same things but changed their policies after the XBO got so much bad press. And the dev from The Order even said he wants to get money from the used games market. They might have LOOKED better to the public, but it’s all coming into the light now. You might still hate on MS, but the fact is, they changed their policies and they are what they are now.

      And the specs on these two consoles are going to be so close, I highly doubt games will be noticeably different. I personally think the XBO has a stronger lineup of exclusives out of the gate.

      I couldn’t see any real 12 year old fan switching out that fast. At this point they are very similar consoles.

      • Brad

        Firstly Sony didnt change their polocies after they got bad press, on May 8th Shuhei Yoshida said that always online was never a consideration, then the Xbox One revealed on the 21st of May and then it took Microsoft 2 weeks to verify their policies regarding always online and DRM. Secondly even if Sony did change their policies how does it make them any different than microsoft who made their reversal (thankfully) a couple of week after E3 based on the reaction that followed. Thirdly even though Ru Weerasuriya (The Order) slammed the Gamestop business plan he never said that the cost of used games should be passed onto the consumer. Microsoft’s policy changes definetly made me think twice about which console to get at launch but that’s no reason to assume that Sony was deceiving the consumer the whole, Microsoft made a mistake, had the foresight to reverse it and will no doubt enjoy another successful console generation. Let the competiton begin!

        • GK15

          Well, always online does not mean that they never considered DRM. Technically, the XBO wasn’t always online either (24 hr check in). MS even said that they wouldn’t take a penny from this. It was completely up to the devs and retailers as far as price.

          I think the point that I was trying to make was that Sony are not the angels nor is MS the evil empire. They are both competing companies out to win over the consumers. And although Sony played the PR game much better, we’ve heard a lot lately to suggest they simply outfoxed MS.


      “after what MS tried to do”

      sony were going to do the same thing but backed out

      its sad how ignorant you are

      • luisD

        Lol im not ignorant, i was excited about xbox one untill all the bad stuff .point is sony didnt go all the way with it and not only that look at how microsoft responded at first to ppl when they didnt like what they were doing. That was the first thing that pissed me off and most of my friends. Plus then the free game the gave us on xbox live was crap and tried to lie about that whole halo3 ac2 thing.the list goes on. I had a xbox 360 and xbox original until a couple weeks ago when I traded it to preorder ps4 . I cant stick with a company that lies backtracks and tries to get ever cent out of you as possible with out offering much in return. When there is a price drop and halo 5 illmaybe get one. Oh and trust them again and not bring back that drm stuff . Just like they said it was hard to remove then a couple days later say ita gone with patch it can easily be put back on.

        • GK15

          “Oh and trust them again and not bring back that drm stuff ”

          The notion that they will “bring back the DRM stuff” is one of the most ridiculous, fanboy fueled ideas that I’ve ever heard and I’ve heard a lot. You are insinuating that they are just “tricking” enough people into buying their console and then they will change it back? Do you not see how nonsensically absurd that sounds?

          And apparently you traded in your 360 to pre-order a console that isn’t coming out for 4 months? Don’t call yourself an Xbox fan. Say you had one, say you played it occasionally, say you liked Halo, but don’t call yourself a fan.

          And if you’re a PS4 fan that is perfectly fine. But don’t give ridiculous reasons for getting one like the ones you’ve listed.

          • luisD

            Lol your a funny guy, I ddnt play occasionally im a hardcore gamer I play everyday and I also have a ps3 but I can admit I liked xbox360 more but this generation is off to a different start. I jist cant trust Microsoft anymore and sony does westher u wanna believe it or not give u more value for your money . Ps plus and the system in general for a cheaper price. Ima gamer first and every real. Gamer know the ps4 as of right now I for the hardcore croud

          • luisD

            Im at work typing on my phone so sorry for the spelling errors lol

          • GK15

            Lol, no worries.

            Fair enough, I’m not saying that PS4 doesn’t offer great value. It’s gonna be an awesome console and hell, I’m gonna get one eventually.

            But all bad PR aside, the policies at this point (and the consoles themselves) are very similar. If MS was going to change their policies, they did the right thing by changing them before the console came out. As bad as the reveal was, the end result will be how the console is when it is released.
            And I’m really hype for their games. I agree with the article, I think we are seeing a much more level playing field as far as which console is more for “hardcore gamers” now that the info about the PS4’s RAM has come out. I like all the features and there is plenty for hardcore gamers on the XBO imo.

          • Heatbag

            You do realize Sony has been very shady now and in the past, even been convicted for creating fake reviews AND using Sony cd’s to install DRM/trojan horses WITHOUT customer consent. They love consumers like you.

    • The Cribbs

      dude that lame ass excuse for every time the xbox one brings up a good edition, just shut up…

    • Crusina .

      When virtually everything is digital you’ll want the abillity to trade, sell, and share digital games…oh wait the Xbox One was going to do that.

      Oh and before you say “I’m not going digital!” You probably will when you can get 3 games a few months old for sixty bucks during a sale.

      And you are a sheep of the worst kind, the kind that thinks that they are not one. Sony is a company, a company is out to make money. Sony took advantage of Microsofts horrible PR to make themselves look like the the good guy. They are only doing it because it’s a good idea business wise, unless you honestly believe that “corporations are people my friend”

      Microsoft does not care about you, Sony does not care about you, Starbucks does not care about you, wal-mart doesn’t care about anyone. You are as sad deluded idiot if you think otherwise.

      Also, you are a liar. You aren’t an Xbox Fan and it shows. And if you think for one second Sony has anything close to what Microsoft is going to field in online features…300,000 servers and a background in it dating back much further with A LOT more money.

      The Xbox One is not for everyone, and I know the PS4 is going to be absolutely amazing but don’t delude yourself and don’t lie to our faces.


    A sad day for g@ystation fanboys. They had their 15 minutes of fame but everyone knew they would be back to 3rd place n

  • Blarg

    Goodbye $ony. Have fun with Knack. HAHAHAHAHA!

    • JokerCuz

      I be using my xbox1 to be turning on my ps4 to play knack.

    • Brad

      you havent played knack so how would you know whether its good or bad? I could very well say the same for a game like spyro, crash bandicoot, plants vs. zombies, super mario, zelda, even peggle before I played them just going off what they look like but all of those have achieved cult status….dont judge a book by its cover

  • underworld
  • Body_landslide

    still doesn’t come close to what Xbox did so still getting ps4

    • Izzy Bozz

      What did Xbox do? They had DRM for a week, not to mention 5 MONTHS before launch. I swear, man, PS fanboys are doing most of the bitching yet they’re not the ones’ who are going to buy the X1. So…. WTF?

      • Body_landslide

        I really dont get how I’m a fanboy when its you that is getting mad about my comment. Come on. And xbox was trying to bone everyone in the ass, and still went for it until they saw that nobody wanted their system with their policies. If playstation did that I’d be totally for xbox, but no matter what ill always remember how they tried to screw everyone over. Just a company not a fanboy.

        • Izzy Bozz

          I don’t care how much you kiss Sony’s ass, what is stupid however, is that you’re in here bitching about a product you obviously have no interest in buying. So why waste your time commenting on this article?

        • GK15

          You truly have a misguided view on what “screwing everyone over” means. Idk what exactly you think MS tried to do, but this is what actually happened:

          MS tried to make an online console (it is 2013 after all). With this online console, you could buy games either online or at a retail store. Once installed, you would never need the disk again. You could access all of your games from anyone’s house that had an Xbox One, simply and seamlessly. Up to 10 members of your family and friends could also access your library remotely. Once you were done with the game you could either sell it back to Gamestop or gift it to someone else. The gifting was only available once to prevent everyone from buying only 1 copy of a game and gifting it electronically all over the place. The only requirement for all of this truly next gen awesomeness was that your console would need to check in online once every 24 hours, or once every hour if you were playing remotely. In this day in age, where nearly everyone has the internet, it actually does seem feasible.

          The only problem was that many, many simpletons and fanboys saw this as “screwing everyone over” because they just couldn’t wrap their heads around a concept that was slightly different from the status quo that they were used to. Ironically, they all took to complaining about it on the internet, not realizing that the amount on kilobytes required for the check-in was far less than the amount used by their complaints. Sadly, there are still a few poor souls left on this planet without the internet, but the amount of people that don’t have the internet and play games is small enough, that MS figured it was worth a shot.
          Congratulations are in order, however. You and your unwashed, mouth breathing ilk have managed to keep us back in the stone age for at least one more generation.

          I hope I’ve used small enough words to relay the message.

          Gods speed and best of luck in all of your future endeavors.

  • underworld

    But Shuhei Yoshida and Andrew House said that they never considered any DRM.

    • GK15

      Are you sure? Because when I clicked on the link it said otherwise. From a pro PS website as well…

    • GK15

      Yoshida: “There were lots of people who gave their opinions on that issue to my Twitter account before E3. It’s not that our hardware policies are decided strictly based on user reaction like this, but when we were thinking about what we had to bring across and how to bring it across, it was a very useful source.”

      “As of now, I feel like we’re getting a very positive response. For this system, we made a list of what people expected from us, debating over each point, with user feedback forming the main basis for the list”

      Reading between the lines? We saw all the heat the Xbox One got and changed our policies. Choose any of the other hundred articles online that seem to agree, including pro PS sites.

      • underworld

        Say what you want, but he does not state that, you’re assuming that’s what he’s saying. I’ll take what he actually said over people “reading between the lines.” I don’t care what sites “agree”. He did not say it.

        “but when we were thinking about what we had to bring across and how to bring it across, it was a very useful source.” You get “We changed our DRM policies” from that? I don’t. Just that they used it to help them convey their message.

        So you’re calling both Shuhei and House liars? Because they have both clearly stated they never considered DRM. If they did change it, then they are liars, but they didn’t say they changed it.

  • Duke

    Pure flame article. Lots of speculation… No real facts.

  • GribbleGrunger

    I can’t even bring myself to say, ‘nice try’. It’s toothless, groundless nonsense.

  • Mark Danger Hopps

    ha ha ha ha ha ha this article is hilarious, stick to playing games kid and stop writing about them

    • Facts First


  • dave mcnair

    I dont know why people are so surprised. The OP system of next gen consoles will be doing so much. The ability of PS4 being able to record the last 15 mins of gameplay compared to XboxOne 5 mins perhaps starts to make a lot more sense technically & will be indicative of the greater picture. These features use memory & I trust wherever they’ve decided it’s best needed for the system. A good article has just been posted on Eurogamer/Digital Foundry about comparing the 2 machines with the current known differences. Check it out, it’s the best I’ve read to date.

    ‘In Theory: Can Xbox One multi-platform games compete with PlayStation 4?’

  • GK15

    I don’t think Sony lied about their memory allocation for games, but MS came out with theirs from the beginning and took a lot of heat for it.

    Every comparison article I read and all the comments sections all went with the assumption that the PS4 had 7BG available for games. Everyone thought that!

    I’m sure this influenced a lot of people when it came to pre-orders and Sony just stayed tight lipped and let everyone think that. It finally had to come out backhandedly from Digital Foundry. They lose a little bit of cred imo.

  • gamer4gaming

    sony always plays that kinda shit!! Hiding and waiting to slap us with the truth. Bottom-line sony’s practice models have been less than stellar and left a bad taste in the mouth of gamers for the last two gens. Due in no small part to hype-then-failure to provide, account hacks-anyone remember that fiasco?! Not to mention the harris resignation due to instability.

    Do I want to support a company that has a unworthy track record?? I tried; I bought both a ps2 and a ps3 and was sorely disappointed in them. Collected dust more than anything. Sony should just turn towards game development and leave the big boys of MS and Nintendo to do it the right way. It’s not unheard of….look at sega-it can work LOLLL!!!

    Never heard of mass hacking, resignations, and inferior hardware capabilities in relation to price from MS systems. The RROD issue was bad, but was caused 9 out of 10 issues was from people misusing/abusing their consoles. The last two MS consoles offered great entertainment with timeframe honored for the price-powerful architecture.

    I’ll stick with current gen Xbox’s and wii’s thank you very much.

    Traditionally I want to play good games and whatever system offers the best graphics, the fastest load times and most unique and fun experience are the ones I’m gonna buy and play. So far Xbox’s and Nintendo consoles have superiorly offered….and I have played and owned them all so there is no fanboy/biased BS!!

    • dave mcnair

      what. a. fanny

      • William Brinton Sandbrink

        Fanny??? Haha, and want are you? LMFAO!

        • dave mcnair

          “and want are you?” so many deluded fanboys here who haven’t been raped or insulted enough yet by M$. The actually want more butf**king to take place. Well don’t worry – it will soon enough. It’s so true what they say about the abused. Sadly :(

          • gamer4gaming

            Oh please you share a bed with sony and bend over for nothing but cheese and inferior practices. Wiped and more wiped and then after formatting yourself to their curve you opt to repeat the illogical process.
            There is no delusion with the truth and you live in your signature fairytale that some conglomerate made to push more pencils, pens and hype! You would know about abuse your head over heels a puppet to a scheme you can’t even comprehend!

          • William Brinton Sandbrink

            Really, I made a common typo, and you just had too quote it…? Nice, but you’ve already proved my point. You can’t call someone a fanboy, or “fanny” if you are also a “fanny”. Yeah, Microsoft is just buttf**king us, awesome, just freaking great. Let me guess, you have a Apple computer, right? Or, are you getting “buttf**ked” by Microsoft also, because you use a Sony PC…? Please, just tell me one more time, you are not a fanny, but I am. Hahaha…

  • GK15

    Too much? Lmao!

  • dave mcnair

    So obviously written by an XBox fanboy. He’s tried so hard to hide it, but hasn’t even nearly managed it. “PS4 will still be a great console” LOLacopters.. “Public opinion seems to be shifting” my absolute bumhole mate! It’s too late for XBox regards trying to backpeddle, only die-hard American COD fanboys are still interested in the system at this point. It’s been deemed a ‘meek media pc’ in comparison with PS4’s specs by the worlds press & media. I really hope there’s a rock big enough for all the XBox fanboys mouthing off about Sony/PS4 at every chance they get. When the allocation of memory for an advanced next gen OS turns out to the same on both systems – & that’s actually great news for XBox? – then you know you’ve got real underlying problems..

    It was a affiliate analyst of Microsoft’s that made the outselling prediction so all credibility ended there before it began. & as for “Microsoft seems to be the one that’s made all of the smart decisions of late” They’ve just basically copied everything that they could from Sony as they’re s**ting themselves from CONTINUED low pre-orders. What we are witnessing is them trying to re-established some confidence back in their ailling product with every gutter snipe or chance they get.

    So glad I backed the right horse either way. Microsoft are a horrible & despicable company that deserves all the flack they receive on a daily basis. They thought they could dictate to their fans how things were going to be ignoring basic customers ownership rights & they would just blindly follow them through stupid brand loyalty. I’m sure it was discussed in depth within one of their creepy boardrooms.

    Well it’s too late & they’re not all just rats deserting a sinking ship M$. they’re simply clued up gaming horses who’ve already bolted from the stable & can see & smell when something stinks of s**te.

    I actually hope Microsoft get their act together & the console isn’t as bad as everyone thinks it will be. Competition is only ever good. For a more level headed or unbiased opinion over the state of play between the 2 systems they should read Eurogamer/Digital Foundry’s ‘In Theory: Can Xbox One multi-platform games compete with PlayStation 4?’

    • Deadred

      I’m not American, and can’t stand COD. I’m still interested in XB1. PS4 has no games I’m interested in. Knack? Please.

      And lolacopters? What are you? 12?

      • dave mcnair

        Well you’re in the relative minority then. & it was so ridiculous that it prompted a 12 yr old worthy ‘lolacopter’ . I’m 40 & I’ve been gaming since my machine had 3.5k memory son. Knack is designed for the younger generation btw. It only uses half the buttons ffs’s

        • Deadred

          Well I’m 36, and been gaming since around 1987. And interest in the XB1 has surged since all the bad press surrounding the reveal. Just because your interest hasn’t, doesn’t mean other people aren’t taking another look. As I said, no P’s games intrigue me at all, and the differences between the two consoles will be as minor this gen as they were in the last.

          • Deadred

            Also the fact that PS4 has a large OS footprint wouldn’t be a big deal if all the Sony fanboys hadn’t gone on and on about the xbox OS. I will eventually get a PS4 (when Quantic Dream release something for it probably) but a vast majority of my gaming will be shared between PC and XB1.

          • dave mcnair

            Xbox 1 is a media pc in chains. At least on ps4 you’re getting something a bit different (which is how consoles should be) from pc. The memory allocation is flexible, isn’t set in stone & is completely besides the main points at hand. I love how half the people defending xbox say theyll buy a ps4 anyway. There’s no way me or any of my pals would touch an xbone with a bargepole

          • GK15

            Well you’re in a cross mood aren’t ya? And to think you started off so level headed with your unbiased theoretical DF comparison article.

            *sigh* I really grow tired of this endless debate. There are obvious pros and cons for each. Yes, I’m an Xbox fan but I’m getting a PS4 some day because I’m a fan of games and there will be some great games on it eventually. But even if I was a die hard PS fan, I would still get an Xbox for Halo, Ryse, Quantum Break, Titanfall, etc. These are all games I really want to play and you are gonna miss out on some great games just because you hate Xbox so much. Makes no difference to me though.

            There really isn’t anything on PS4 that interests me right now except for The Order and maybe Killzone. Please correct me if I’m wrong as I’m interested to see what games they have coming.

            And for the record, I am an American, but don’t really care for COD.

          • dave mcnair

            To be honest it’s obviously not personal to anyone here or on Xbox etc etc it’s just that I hate Microsoft & everything about them. I have enough contact with them just by using a pc. Of course saying only people still really interested in buying an XBox One at this stage is likely an American COD fanboy is a sweeping generalisation of a statement & there’s always going to be many exceptions like yourself accordingly.

            As far as games worth buying on PS4 well I’m looking forward to BF4 with 64 players I don’t know about you. I’m sure the exclusives will gain momentum with time as that’s what normally happens.

            It’s likely to happen a bit quicker & for there to be more of them due to how they’ve designed the machine & how easy they’ve made it for devs to publish on.

          • GK15

            Battlefield 4 is gonna be awesome, can’t wait for that one.

          • dave mcnair

            Its just a restricted media pc in a TiVo box. At least the ps4 has some character. More importantly its a devoted games console that isn’t ran by microshaft. Exclusives always take time but are well worth the wait. Its the independents support i love Sony for. Theyve got time for smaller studios & don’t think bigger is always better.
            also nothing on xbone intrigues me but hey ho..

          • gamer4gaming

            “Character..What character?”
            The ps4 like the last two incarnations are nothing more than empty promises. PS’s never had character….they are assumed to invigorate the senses and offer entertaining experiences that have sadly are/have been falsely identified and represented. I owned and played ps2 and ps3 so there is no bias, it’s just the facts of how it goes and how it will go.
            If I want a bonified dust collector, I’ll get a shoebox and paint ps4 on it and it will receive more attention and be more accurate in it’s assessment toward reality of it’s hardware.

        • GK15

          LMAO @ LOLacopters

  • underworld

    Am I sure about what? That Shuhei didn’t say that? Or that Shuhei and House both said they never considered it? I’m sure about both.
    Just because it’s from a pro PS site, doesn’t mean it’s correct. They’re assuming. The Polygon article doesn’t say they changed it.
    Look, you can believe he said it if you want, but he didn’t. You can assume he did, you can infer he did. But he didn’t. Show me where he clearly says “we changed our policies? Again, they could have used it to help convey their message or maybe it helped them know they were on the right track with their policies.

    And I’m sure about Shuhei and House saying they don’t consider it. I posted the links below.

    If they did change it (which I don’t believe they did) then I’ll say they’re liars (which I don’t believe they are).

    Don’t think I can say much more.

  • Taco Bob

    There is no proof Sony had a reversed drm policies similar to Microsoft. There is also no proof that 3.5 of ram is reserved for system use. Just rumors. This article serves no purpose other than to provoke fanboy wars. Most of it has no proof to establish a factual basis for the accusations.

    • Mattrimkevx

      Page against Microsoft: Harr harr M$ sucks!
      Page against Sony: 100% rumour.

  • Outlaw119

    What I really don’t understand is how everyone believes every single thing they read about each console. Check the links in this article, what they link to has zero officiating sites to back up what they are saying. Not saying this article is wrong, just saying that I could point to multiple sites that and videos that prove differently on each of these issues.

    My one problem with this article, and what really makes me not believe what is written here, is the whole ‘one analyst predicted x-1 to outsell ps4 3-1′ part. Blatantly untrue. They have the capacity to produce that many more consoles is what the supporting article says.

    Point being here, both consoles are great. Dont believe everything you read and check the sources.

    • Mattrimkevx

      This is absolutely correct, I remember back when the rumour of the game sharing being only a 1 hour trial was circulating, the person that started the rumour had a link back to a website that he created with no official links anywhere.

    • K. Alex

      Thanks for pointing that out. I changed “outsell” to “outship.” That is part of the message I wanted to convey.

      I thought there was enough info circulating around to write a good opinion piece. I believe in both consoles and also believe that MS’s recent changes in policy and also some of the recent info about Sony have leveled things off a bit. That is my opinion anyway.

      Thank you for reading and giving your input. I hope you enjoyed the article.

  • Matthew Bryant

    We’ll just ignore the fact that the PS4 is still outselling the XBox One by a large margin. We’ll also ignore the fact that Microsoft gave retailers less consoles for pre-order than Sony did. Also, public opinion polls still show Sony leading by 2/3. So this article seems to be ridiculously opposed to reality.

    Also, Ready at Dawn is a third party studio making an exclusive game for the PS4. They are not owned by Sony and it’s ridiculous to put any blame on Sony for anything said by a third party developer. I don’t agree with his statements, given that Gamestop needs the used game industry in order to make money, but it doesn’t touch on Sony in any way. Ready at Dawn can say whatever they’d like to say. So can Sony. They don’t represent Sony in any way. What a bunch of crap.

  • John Scafidi

    Wow this story looks so bad 5 months later. Horrible journalism man

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