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Xbox 720 confirmed by Microsoft Executive

by Bill Hess on August 6, 2012

If you had any doubts at all that Microsoft would be releasing a next generation console, you can put them to rest.  Microsoft Windows GM Brian Hall recently mentioned the next generation Xbox in a podcast, where he discusses the product synergy between the next-gen console and other Microsoft products.

“We just decided it was time to do something new and bring the best of those and put them together and release it right in time for the new wave of products that we have coming out with Windows 8, the new version of Office, New Windows Phone, and the new Xbox,” Hall said when speaking about Microsoft’s Hotmail and Outlook functionality on the Verge podcast.

“Right in time” could signal that the next generation Xbox will arrive in 2013. It is currently believed that Microsoft will follow a similar pattern as the current generation, with Microsoft announcing the next generation console at E3 2013 with a release the following fall.

When asked about these comments from the Microsoft executive, the company stuck to its standard statement about defying the life-cycle convention that they’ve used in the past.

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  • jon may

    I think it will be out in 2014 not 13,but whos knows.


    I heard that Microsoft is hard at work at developing a new lube. It’s supposed to launch simultaneously with the new console. I guess they are gonna use lube this next gen when they are fking all the idiots over. That’s pretty courteous I say.

  • Brevs

    They are going to ask you which lube to get because you know from experience.

  • Taco Bob

    RROD$2PLAY I agree, but i think the lube will overheat from the friction of fucking and you will have to buy 2 revised versions of the lube over the years to stop the burn from the fucking, then right when the have it so its a right as it can be the will release a new one. Then all the people will buy the new one again hoping that MS learned from the previous one.

  • Cool dude

    RROD2$PLAY.. or should I say Allen

    You should keep praying for another RROD fiasco, because if it doesnt happen, Sony is bankrupt.

  • Taco Bob

    Cool dude, even if they do avoid another RROD problem there will still be many more. It’s Microsoft.


    LOL so true. Plus it’s still gonna be the only gaming platform pay to play and I’m sure it will lack quality features and no price decreases and no real exclusive content

    BTW, was on Best Buy website the other day and it said the 4gb 360 for $99 was for a 2 year subscription at $15/month, not $10 like we were told. It’s $360 for Xbox live for 2 years and $99 for the console. LOL, $460 for a 4gb Xbox. Then they gotta buy a $120 limited capacity HDD in like a week. LMFAO.

  • Cool dude


    Ohh just like how they developed the highly praised new hardware Nokia Lumia 900? Just like how they developed the highly reliable Xbox 360 S hardware?

    Dude its the past, keep trying.


    Ohh wait, can you hear that? PSN going down multiple times for numerous maintenance?


    LOL cool dude.

    Thousands of hacked xbox live accounts in 2011

    Thousands more accidently banned

    2 weeks downtime in 2007 and a cold lump of crap they gave you as compensation.

    Can you hear that? it’s the sound of your ignorance hitting a new level


    LMAO, highly reliable xbox hardware, you mean 25% failure rate just 1 year ago is acceptable? Of course it is to you, fking blind ignorant idiot. That burning sensation you feel in your ass is M$ cock

  • Taco Bob

    @ Cool Dude
    The Phone that cant even update to the new OS just months after its release? That Lumina 900? The One thats dead in september when it just shipped in june? The Lumia 900 thats been plagued with issues since its release?
    Highly Reliable 360 S hardware? you mean the one that took them 3 revisions at least to achieve and its not even more powerful than the 360 before it? And it STILL lacks Blu-Ray.

  • Taco Bob

    Oh Yeah dont even get me started on The METROsexual windows 8

  • The Future of Sega

    Kind of sad that I have to thumbs down 99% of the comments due to PS3 cocksuckers fagging up the article.

  • http://Google Maggits

    Fuck xbox 720 wii u is going to be 10 x better faggits