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Monster Hunter 4 arriving spring 2013

Monster Hunter 4 confirmed for 3DS in Japan, no Vita or worldwide release details…yet.


Monster Hunter 4 arriving spring 2013

by on June 30, 2012

According to a report out of Japan, Monster Hunter 4 will arrive in spring 2013.  The first official confirmation of the next Monster Hunter game came out of Capcom’s Summer Jam event in Odaiba.  This first showing of the game is for Nintendo’s 3DS handheld, and from the first trailer, it looks to utilize the 3DS capabilities of the device.

This 3DS version of the popular franchise will likely continue to bolster hardware sales for Nintendo in Japan.  No word out of the Summer Jam event on whether there’s a PS Vita or PSP version of Monster Hunter 4 on the way.  Nor was there a release date, or confirmation of a worldwide release.

The Monster Hunter franchise got its start on the PlayStation 2 and subsequently branched off to the PlayStation portable devices.  More recently, Monster Hunter Tri released on the Wii and saw immense success as the highest selling third party title for the console.

Monster Hunter 4 First Gameplay Trailer

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