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How GTA V stacks up to other Grand Theft Auto games

by William Schwartz on August 23, 2012

The Grand Theft Auto franchise has come a long way since GTA: San Andreas was released back in 2005. While fans of the franchise likely hold a special place in their gamer hearts for this iteration of the series, it’s astounding to see just how far Rockstar has come in the last 7 years.

Staying true to these roots, GTA V will once again visit California. The sights and scenery may be familiar, but things certainly look much different than they did back then. A recent comparison was done of the two games via Tumblr, that shows screenshots that were recently released by Rockstar, and screenshots of the classic GTA game.

Looking at the screenshots from both games, it’s hard to believe that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas released only a short time before the arrival of the Xbox 360, a truly remarkable title on the PlayStation 2 and original Xbox that housed some pretty great graphics and a massive open world for the time.  GTA V may be pulling the same trick as this title, launching only shortly before the arrival of next-gen consoles if recent rumors are anything to go on.

GTA: San Andreas Dirt Bike

GTA V Dirtbike

GTA: San Andreas Bicycle

GTA V Bicycle

GTA: San Andreas Jet


GTA: San Andreas Parachuting

GTA V Parachuting

GTA: San Andreas Sportscar

GTA V: Sportscar

GTA: San Andreas Tennis Court

GTA V Tennis Court

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  • Chicago

    Well of course gta v is gonna be better than the others its the latiest one its not like there gonna use crappy graphics on there new ones


    As long as the game quality is on par with these screen shots then yeah. Nice comparison though.

  • Jayup

    This is kinda dumb. You’re comparing 2004 to 2013 right now. Really dumb.

  • Carl Johnson

    gta san andreas was released in 2004 dumbass

    • Big perm

      2005 on Xbox remember when PlayStation actually got things first, my how the times have changed

  • Hello

    It’s pretty obvious there’s no comparison but it is cool to see how far it’s progressed in less than 10 years, can’t wait to see what it looks like in another 10 years time?

    • 666HeRiTk

      thats not even obvious, its looks like exactly the same game

  • IchiYamamoto

    Damn… It’s been a long time since I’ve played San Andreas. My fond memories failed to show me how crappy – for lack of a better word – it looks. The differences are multiplied when sided alongside GTA V.

    • RROD$2PLAY

      Monster trucks FTW!

  • andre

    well guys up to now gta san andreas is the best gta because it has hundreds of cheat codes and it has a bigger map and 3 airports u can fly planes and do olat more hit the e botton if u played gta 4 and when back and played gta san andreas

  • ColbyoThaFlairILLMATIC

    I hope gta v can give me that same feeling san andreas did when i played it….the feeling i had was like 3 orgasms at the SAME DAMN TIME!!!

  • Chicago

    No ur dumb its not even 2013 yet plus its comes out this year

  • 666HeRiTk

    there is no difference..

  • Cool dude

    Isn’t isn’t more logical to compare GTA IV to GTA V?

  • Bruised Negro

    I think the point of these images is to show how GTA has evolved over the years.

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