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Crysis 2 PS3 & Xbox 360 Final Build Comparison

by Bill Hess on March 23, 2011

Crysis 2 has been released and many critics have agreed that the game looks amazing.  If you’re still on the fence about what version of the game to get, our friends at Lens of Truth have started a comparison series for the game.  In the First Look, they compare Crysis 2’s retail build on the Xbox 360 and PS3.  The jury is still out as far as clear cut winner, but leading up to launch many thought the PS3 version of the game looked inferior.  Earlier in the month, IGN claimed that the PS3 version of the game was inferior and despite rebuttals by Crytek they stuck with their story taking to the NeoGaf forums under alias to reiterate their claim.

You can have a look at the video below for a side by side glance at the game on both platforms, but for the full run-down head over to Lens of Truth for even more screenshots and content comparing the two games.

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  • greenthumb66

    I think they look the same Im going to buy which ever one is cheaper, either way the games going to be epic.

    • ChanKana

      they are not the same, the ps3 version looks darker (i wonder why, heh). Anyway they look both ok for console games and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t buy this game for your own system since it’s a multiplatform. The game itself should be good (tho i’ll stick with Crysis Wars).

    • robedaxe

      @greenthumb66 buy it for PC . crytek themselves told that it was the better one

  • EddieDeezin

    too closs to call

  • Allen

    This picture is hard to tell but to me the 360 version looks sharper. I’m sure this is fine on either platform, I’ll be picking it up for the PS3 as 360 as a console is a rip off and not worth the money.

  • stigmurder

    Looks like Crytek did an incredible job of making this game for two different console architectures so well. I have been playing the PS3 version and so far it is badass. It has a REAL single player campaign. Hence the reason I traded Killzone 3 for it.

  • Alex PS360

    I agree with stigmurder. Way better single player campaign.

  • Ahmed

    In the pic, the guy on the right of both images look SO much better on X360. But the video are incredibly similar.

    But here’s the thing, if the PS3 has more power, why in the hell are they not using it?

  • Artition

    The reason the ps3 version doesn’t use it’s full power is because its not a ps3 exclusive so by copyright law for video games certain games arent allowed to over power a multiplatform game. notice how games on multi systems kind of look the same then check out games that were made for that system…… a big difference.

  • Ahmed

    I know that, but they could have assembled a team to use the PS3’s power. Regardless, the game looks like an exclusive, but they could have made it look even better, and maybe even better than God of War or Killzone. And what the hell do you mean copyright law? They aren’t allowed to use the full power?

  • Frank

    They both look the same, but from the reviews i’ve been reading, I heard that the PS3 suffers from frame rate drops and screen tearing. But I heard it isn’t that bad. I don’t care though, as long as the game plays the same.

  • Frank Zappo

    The original reviews which stated problems with the PS3 version (frame rate, tearing etc) have been proven to be running an early build of the engine. This was a mistake on the makers part as these reviews are still being seen and commented on. The finished build is MUCH better and runs like a greased up cheetah.

  • Frank Zappo

    Having viewed the comparison video a few times there really isn’t much difference at all. They have done a fantastic job in making the engine run the same on both systems. The textures are equally good, the framerate is great, the light mapping is very nice and the visual effects like fire and ‘heat ripple’ look great on both (which is usually where the PS3 has an edge). In darker areas the PS3 has better blacks where as the 360 version seems to have an artificial blue tint – common in dark FPS games on the 360. The 360 renders the edges of objects slightly sharper where as the PS3 version seems to give edges a more realistic blur so they don’t stand out so much, especially when things are moving.
    Overall they both look excellent with the 360 version being slightly sharper but the PS3 version looking more realistic.

  • SKIN503

    I agree with Frank, I got it for my PS3 and it’s SICK. Regardless of all the differences or whats better it’s a for sure cant miss for any FPS fan.

  • Zach Miller

    I got crysis 2 for both PS3 and XBOX360 and quickly returned PS3 version because its so dark. The slider control for darkness at beginning of game had no effect either. I’m extremely disappointed. I was looking forward to a better picture on ps3!

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