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A first look at Crysis 3 in video form

by William Schwartz on April 19, 2012

Crytek has just revealed the first of what is likely to be many gameplay videos for Crysis 3. The brief clip gives us a glimpse at the bio-dome of NYC, Prophet’s proficiency with a bow and arrow, and a short look at what’ll likely be one of the better looking games of 2013.

Earlier this week, Crytek’s Cevat Yerli explained that Crysis 3 would push the Xbox 360 and PS3 to their absolute maximum. This would make sense considering that the current generation is winding down. By the time Crysis 3 releases, we’ll more than likely have heard about what Sony and Microsoft’s plans are for the next generation of hardware.

A full trailer for Crysis 3 is scheduled to arrive on April 24th, check back for that.

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    Turk 2, seeds of evil.

  • blazeup

    hopefully this plays well……a pretty game without proper gameplay is garbage imo…….tried crysis 2 and sold it, will hav to give it another try


    Is the game play really that bad?? Mines coming in the mail and I thought the nanosuit would give you interesting game play options…

  • blazeup

    i just couldn’t get a good flow going


    Fair enough that’s how I felt about AC 2

  • That Guy

    yeah they removed the power wheel and instead went with the clunky console “hole a for high jump” crap so it totally ruined the flow of the game.also being in NYC made the gameplay too linear for what the suit power permit.

    • That Guy


  • Sean

    This is looking pretty fantastic, me thinks.

  • Mike

    I loved Crysis 2 on the 360 but maybe thats because i hadnt played the first on the PC. I cant wait for this game, looks awesome

  • Sean

    Crysis>Battlefield 3+Call of Duty


      Yeh sick of bf and cod all the time my god who cares there are way better 1st person shooters like crysis, metro 2033, the darkness 2 ect



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