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Ghost Recon:Future Solider vs. Real Life

by Bill Hess on February 24, 2012

Ubisoft has launched it’s “Do you Believe in Ghosts” series of videos, where the developers compare real life scenarios with their upcoming video game.  In this first video, former Navy Seal Richard Machowicz explains how it’s kill or be killed on the battlefield, and to kill you’ll need “The Deadly Edge”.

“Mack” walks you through the Optical Camoflaughe and virtual reality features and how the Ghosts use them to stop a hijacking with a four way synchronized sniping mission.

The return of the Ghost Recon franchise is marked for May 22nd on Xbox 360, PS3, and shortly thereafter on PC.

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  • Some Guy

    Good god Americans are dumb.

    • That Guy

      good job! youre a stereotyping retard. and where are you from?

  • yep i actually did that shit

    A lot of Americans are very dumb, ie the guy in this clip, but a lot of people are dumb full stop, regardless of race.


      Lol american is not a race but I see your meaning

    • Allen

      The future weapons guy is cool; STFU you fool. This guy can kill you with is thumb… Navy Seal Bitches; no your Royal Special forces can’t take on Seals

  • SKIN503


  • Jittery Flump

    I like that the person calling someone a retard has awful comprehension and grammar. Also you can see why it’s easy for people to have low opinions of Americans with videos like this. Glorifying shooting people in the head….and then turning it in to a video game.

  • Anon

    @Jitter Flump
    Ummm…. fuck yeah! why the hell not? Headshots rule

  • Krispykleen

    this looks gay

  • Allen

    I love Ghost Recon, I’m not really into this “future” stuff but if they can bring back some of the epic gameplay I used to enjoy in the first 2 then I’m game.