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Grand Theft Auto V Reveal Trailer

by Bill Hess on November 2, 2011

Grand Theft Auto V Reveal Trailer

Grand Theft Auto V was revealed just a short while ago, and it look like Rockstar North is taking us back to Los Santos, the fictionalized version of Los Angeles that appeared in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. There are some immediately recognizable Los Angeles landmarks in the trailer, but Vinewood, which was also in San Andreas was also shown.

What the trailer didn’t show, were some of the areas that were in San Andreas, so the door is definitely open for Rockstar to introduce new areas that might be featured in the game. The lead, which appears to be male, narrates the entirety of the trailer but Rockstar is saving that introduction for another time as well.

As you can see below, no specifics were given for the game other than the location. While we do know Rockstar North is working on the game, look for details like platform and release date in the future.

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  • XboxTom


  • XboxTom


  • Zentrix

    I don’t know what to say, I’m just so happy……

  • Bryant

    Expectations = exceeded

  • Jubay

    Like I have said before when a GTA comes out the gaming world listens and watches all other games are just trying to catch up..GTA 5 looks awesome better then the rest can’t wait for a release day and more trailers..LONG LIVE MICHAEL !!! LONG LIVE GAMING!!!

  • A113n

    This looks a lot like all of San Andreas. Sure they didn’t show Los Venturas or San Fierro but that crop duster was in San Andreas and was just south of San Fierro.

    I would love for this to include all locations from San Andreas.

    • That Guy

      it is san andreas.

  • Heavenswarrior121

    I wish i had a time i just can skip time yo the day this game comes out!!!

    • That Guy

      do what eric cartman did and freeze yourself in the snow. it works i swear :P im from 1482.

    • ShockedPumpkin

      Skyrim man, Skyrim will keep us occupied till the day awesomeness touchess earth….

  • That Guy


  • plopo

    Need it now!! Looks beyond epic

  • Bacon

    A game that 360 and ps3 fans can talk nothing but positive things about it, am also looking forward to the game also!!!

  • josh

    This is incredible news, the vibe looks awesome.

    It’s way to far away for me to want it this bad ! haha

  • mr jenkins

    I really can’t wait for this game and what are you people talking about of course san fierro and las venturas are in it but I just think that the map will be about 2 times the size of the original gta but you neve know it could have a cross country map like red dead any way best news since skyrim both = GOTY defo

  • Fez

    The pleasure :,) My keyboard is sticky as hell.

  • Br@D

    Finally! Seriously rockstar you guys are kings right now. This is what everyone is talking about, even my wife got excited. THIS GAME WILL BE AMAZING.

  • AKA Zzz


    Christmas 2012?

  • John

    I really hope this is a next gen game. If they were sure of a 2012 release they would of put 2012 in the trailer. The consoles cannot handle anymore, otherwise this would be consolized dogshit.

  • A113n

    time to invest in Rockstar.

  • Bryant

    I think the protagonist is gonna be Claude from gta 3. He said he came there for the weather so it couldn’t be Tommy from vice city

  • Dovahkiin

    I know I will get thumbed down for this; but I honestly do not really see what was so great about GTA 4.
    I tried playing it, but I always ended up just messing around and forgetting about the main story entirely.
    But just messing around is a lot more fun in plenty of other games, such as Saints Row 2; which I actually completed all of the story missions in. I don’t understand why GTA 4 is in a lot of top game lists, I would say it was a pretty mediocre game.
    I didn’t find the gameplay to be very much fun, and nothing about the story and world were all that compelling. Some of the previous games in the series were actually more fun; probably because they were less realistic.
    Oh well; this is just my opinion and I don’t want any flame wars starting over it.

    • doesitreallymatterwhatconsoleihave

      Agreed. Just more running around shooting people for no reason. Lost interest midway through Vice City.

  • LOL!

    this trailer easily owns GTA 4

  • mr jenkins

    @ Dovahkiin stfu you n*b

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