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Hybrid launches on Xbox 360

by William Schwartz on August 8, 2012

5th Cell’s take on the shooter genre, Hybrid has launched as part of the Xbox Live Summer of Arcade.  The cover-based shooter is having some problems at launch.  Having been available since the wee hours of the morning, Hybrid hasn’t been playable since launch.  Facing some server issues, the team at 5th Cell explains that they are working with Microsoft to iron out the server problems.

Hybrid, an official selection of Microsoft’s Summer of Arcade, is a tactical 3rd-person multiplayer shooter that pits players against one another in fast-paced 3-vs-3 air and ground combat matches across a massive online world war.

Set on Earth in the year 2032, the world was sent into turmoil when an alien species unexpectedly appears. Hybrid centers around a worldwide conflict between that species known as the Variant and a rebel human faction called Paladins. Players will be enveloped in a massive world war where every battle, in every district, factors into the status of the worldwide conflict and builds upon the unique persistent experience of Hybrid.

Hybrid costs 1200 MSP on the Xbox 360 and is available now.

Hybrid Launch Trailer

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    What’s even funnier is that the lamo’s dont even have a reason why they love it so much. Just that they were stupid enough to support it in the first place and don’t want to feel like the dumbest person in the world for sticking with the ass rapists for so long.

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    You call this a xbot site sure. Just be thankful William didn’t post the gaming division loss by Sony. And that Sony lost 24x the money they were expected to in Q1 2012…

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