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Modern Warfare 3 Content Collection #2 Announced

by Bill Hess on May 9, 2012

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Content Collection #2 is due out later this month, and it includes a brand new multiplayer mode called Face-Off. Designed for one-on-one and two-on-two combat, Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer, and Raven have designed four custom maps for the smaller player count.

On May 15th the first two maps will be made available for all Xbox 360 players and will include Aground and Erosion. Aground is set on a shipwreck off the coast of Scotland, in Erosion you’ll traverse Italy’s Roman ruins. The maps have been tailor made for the smaller player count, and will thrust you into the thick of things with very little time spent looking for your enemies.

Alongside the new Face Off game mode, Content Collection #2 will also feature three standard multiplayer maps and two new Spec Ops missions. Sanctuary and Foundation have already been released for Elite subscribers, and are included in the content collection. Oasis is the third map, and it is set in beach resort in the UAE.

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  • Moises Munoz

    How about new weapons ??

  • Andy

    tailored for boosters hmmmm

  • ABD

    While I see what you’re saying about MAG’s griaphcs, I must disagree with you on the physics part. While some animations were poor, you did still have quite a bit going on screen at one time (players, vehicles, strikes, etc.), and for a game that supported 256 players simutaneously in real-time, with no lag, it still looked pretty damn good. The textures were fine, and the environments were actually very well detailed. Just saying, MAG was excellent for what it achieved, and Zipper flat out stated that they could have so much more, because they barely even touched the Cell SPEs, but it was the first of it’s kind, and there was no point in pushing it yet.I know this sounds fanboyish, but I think BF3 could’ve done 64 players on PS3, if EA and DICE wanted it. If you notice, ever since 2009, EA has been on this crusade to ensure that all games are equal on both consoles, so that everyone get’s the proper experience, meaning the PS3 is being held back by the 360. Take Dante’s Inferno for instance. Both the PS3 and 360 versions look identical, but the griaphcs of the game itself are nowhere even near comparison to God of War 3. The PS3 is being held back to prevent a bunch of crying Xbots. That’s just my theory. It also pertains to the fact that Sony isn’t planning on releasing the PS4 until multiplat devs truly max out the PS3. I hope that BF3 will finally do that, seeing as Crysis 2 failed miserably, but I kindof doubt. Though DICE has already stated the PS3 version will be the superior looking console version.VN:F [1.9.15_1155](from 1 vote)

  • Priscilla

    Fun fact for you. All PS3 exclusives run at full 720p. Most games on 360, parcitularly exclusives, run at 480p and 640p, and are upscaled to 1080p, because the primary function of the 360 GPU is to upscale. PS3 Cell SPEs easily make up for it’s lack of PPEs and RAM, when properly coded to the single PPE. Proof? Let’s see your precious Xbox 360 run a game like MAG, why don’t we? Oh wait, that’s right It can’t. Massive Multiplayer on 360 is 32 players max before the system starts to lag uncontrollably and fry. PS3 saw games like Resistance: FoM, which ran 40 players in a single match, back in 2006. PS3 is able to run MAG, 256 players at one time, at 720p, 30 FPS, and 0 lag. Not to mention, even MAG looks better than most 360 titles, including C*ck of Duty. Deal with it, kid, and go back to second grade to learn basic english. I swear it People may say fanboys in general are dumb, but C*ck of Duty fans are by far the worst. Such dumb shits VN:F [1.9.15_1155](from 1 vote)

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