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Square to remake Final Fantasy VII for PC

by William Schwartz on July 5, 2012

Square Enix has recently announced that it will be remaking Final Fantasy VII for the PC. The game will come stock with a handful of features that are exclusive to this PC only remake. The game will include 36 brand new achievements, cloud saves that let you continue and save your progress wherever you are, character stat boosts, and PC optimization.

Final Fantasy VII was originally released on the original Sony PlayStation back in 1997. Later Square released the game for Windows in 1998, and then over a decade later relaunched the game in 2009 on the PlayStation Network.

Finaly Fantasy VII was the first game in the franchise to use 3D graphics, and for the time showed some pretty amazing visuals.

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  • Frank

    Misleading title is misleading. It’s a rerelease, not a remake. Remake would imply they’re remaking the game from the ground up. Two completely different things.

    • AKA Zzz

      No it doesn’t. You should look up the definitions of ‘remake’ and ‘rerelease’.

      Remake “The act of remaking. Something in remade form, especially a new version of an earlier movie or song.”
      Rerelase “To release (a movie, for example) again.”

      The original doesn’t have achievements, cloud saves, character stat boosts, or PC optimization therefore it is a remake.

    • Frank

      Idiot. A remake would be what Capcom did to Resident Evil on Gamecube. Gameplay stayed the same but everything else was vastly improved. RE 2 & 3 were rereleases which were why they failed terrible critically. Just lazy ports of 5 year old games. All theyre doing to this is adding those features. It’s not a remake. A remake would be that tech demo they showed at E3 in ’05. Apparently youre a little too young to remember, Bieber fan.

  • Steve

    Although Aka Zzz is technically correct, I still agree with Frank just because of perspective. Adding all those new features still doesn’t make it a “remake” in my mind. If its just the same looking game a little up rezzed, its still the same game.

    All the Ps3 HD collections that come out may look better and have achievements, but the foundation of them hasn’t changed. Their not remakes, their just re-releases on current hardware. The only game recently I can think of that would fall into a remake is the Tomb Raider Anniversary. They took current Tomb raider mechanics and graphics and added that to the original Tomb Raider. Making it completely different.

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