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Unreal Engine 4 Graphics Demo Declares This is Next-Gen

by Hanuman Welch on March 29, 2013

ifiltrator-ue4As dubious a claim as ‘leaked’ is these days, this Unreal Engine 4 graphics demo was supposedly let loose earlier than scheduled. This tech demo, Infiltrator, was being shown to developers and reporters at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco by the people at Epic Games.

We don’t know if this is a preview for a title in development or just a way for Epic to flex their next-gen engine, either way this trailer is all kinds of shiny. The Unreal Engine is the little proprietary muscle that fuels such massive AAA titles like Mass Effect and the Batman Arkham titles. Epic Games are also the people behind the Gears of War franchise. We know that PC gamers have had this level of eye candy for years, but at least consoles are heading in the right direction. Watch the trailer below and let us know what you think of the tech demo in action.

Say Something

    Pc gamers havnt had this level of quality for years.

    • Brevs

      implying console gamers have?


        Nobody has.

        • Brevs

          Should have said that to begin with…

      • MAG

        Stupid comment.

    • RoadShow

      Exactly, the real graphics even on PC don’t come until the next gen console does.

      • TomRFL

        Wow! lets brag about being the technological “missing link” that’s been stifling innovation and screwing up the gaming community’s gene pool for years! wooohoooo! awesome! you’re the best pal!

    • adamostrong

      Preach, whether elitists like it or not we all move on together.

  • MAG

    there is not a single pc game out there that comes close to these graphics, this author is pc fanboy.

  • Jason

    PC Gamers have had this Quality of graphics for years!? What Game? Crysis 3 is the BEST looking PC game on Ultra and it does not come close to this lol I don’t even think Next gen could handle this!

  • njb

    wow. If thats ingame then WOW.

    Cant wait for next gen. Unreal engine 4, Frostbite 3 & Fox Engine look amazing.

    Plus the actual idea’s and concepts in the video look cool and it looks like it has potential as a game.


  • skapoo

    Dude we will never see games look like this unless Naughty Dog or Guerrilla Games are attempting to make it, or i guess you could see this on pc if you buy that new graphics card, 16 gigs of ram, overclock the cpu, have 40 gigs of space on your hard drive, and pray that the roommate doesn’t see the electric bill lol

  • UnknownUser28

    Maybe you guys should just wait until next gen and judge from there? Instead of trying to pessimistically read the future?