Shovel Knight 2 Could Come ‘One Day’ says Yacht Club Games

by Kyle Hanson
Shovel Knight 2

Shovel Knight is easily one of the biggest success stories from the early days of Kickstarter. The game launched in 2014 to wide spread acclaim and has only gotten bigger and better since then. A series of prequel games/DLC have been released as part of the Kickstarter stretch goals, and the team is set to wrap all of that up with the impending release of Shovel Knight: King of Cards. But what comes after that? Does the story of the titular Shovel Knight continue in a full blown sequel? Well, Yacht Club Games just teased it, saying Shovel Knight 2 might come “one day”.

The tease came as a response to fans asking why the upcoming King of Cards was another prequel, and not a sequel. Why, they ask, have we not gotten more story from the actual Shovel Knight himself? Yacht Club responded “The best sequel to Shovel of Hope will be Shovel Knight 2. One day!”

Of course, this is nowhere near an official announcement. Instead, it’s more some light fun with fans of the series. It does show that the team is talking about what might come next though, and that a full blown sequel in the form of Shovel Knight 2 might be in the cards.

Could Shovel Knight 2 be heading our way sooner than we might think? Hopefully, but for now just be happy that the franchise continues to grow and get even better.