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Dragon Ball Super Episode 39 Review: Hit vs Goku Fight Reveals A New Technique

by Damian Seeto


Dragon Ball Super episode 38 introduced us to how scary Hit was from Universe 6. He disposed of Vegeta quite easily, but now the assassin has set his sights on Goku. Episode 39 kicks off the same way episode 38 ended with Goku and Hit squaring it off inside the ring.

If you remember from last week, Hit used a technique that allowed him to skip time for a short period of time. This technique made quick work of Vegeta, but Goku found out how to counter attack it.

Episode 39 could very well be the best one of the entire Dragon Ball Super season to date. This is because it does away with all of the time wasting elements and it gets straight to the action immediately. If you love fast-paced action, you will love this episode a lot.

Goku turns into the Super Saiyan Blue form and the fight starts off explosively from the get-go. Goku goes all-out throwing a barrage of kicks and punches to Hit. It’s quite a sight to see, although Hit doesn’t seem to be worried about the onslaught. Goku however gets the upper hand by landing some pretty big blows to Hit.


It appears Hit is getting quite angry so he powers up breaking the ring. This feels like a throwback to the power ups that were featured in Dragon Ball Z. Thankfully, it doesn’t last the entire duration of the episode, but now it looks like Hit is ready to fight again.

The fight seems more evenly matched now as the pair trade blows with one another. I have to say, the animation in this episode is quite impressive as there are a lot of punches and kicks that are exchanged. Hit has the upper hand this time as Goku is hit in the stomach. Hit tells Goku that he has improved this time skip technique. Hit gets more powerful the longer the fight goes. Hit attacks Goku once again with a combo that will make Killer Instinct fans happy. Things don’t look so good for Goku right now.

Hit thinks the fight is over and wants to referee to declare that Goku is knocked out. Goku never gives up however and stands up. The fight will continue much to the amazement of Hit and every other character in Dragon Ball Super.

Goku powers up to reveal a new technique he’s been working on. This new technique will be familiar to to those that watched the Saiyan saga of Dragon Ball Z. This is because Goku has brought back the Kaioken technique, and mixed it with the power of Super Saiyan Blue.

Goku says he has been working on this technique to fight Lord Beerus, which shows how determined Goku has been. It kind of shows how whenever Goku reaches a new benchmark, he wants to excel it. The last time Goku used it he peaked at Kaioken times 4. He’s a lot stronger now and can reach Kaioken times 10 plus the power of Super Saiyan Blue.


Unlike poor Vegeta, Goku always seems to be one step ahead of him. Vegeta even gets a flashback of the time he and Goku fought on Earth as that was the last time the Kaioken technique was used in Dragon Ball Z.

Goku powers up for quite a while, but it’s cool to see the blue and red aura that surrounds him. It’s great to see that Akira Toriyama has brought back the Kaioken as that technique faded out when the Super Saiyan form took over. Now the two techniques are mixed together to make something more powerful than we have ever seen before.

This Dragon Ball Super episode is not over yet because Goku shows off his new powers to Hit and the opening theme song is even playing during the background. Goku then executes a Killer instinct style combo of his own. Goku then goes for one of the biggest Kamehameha waves he’s even shot while Hit tries his best to defend it. This concludes this exciting episode.

Episode 39 is a must watch and is one of the best that the series has to offer as aforementioned. Fans both young and old have something to enjoy here. The fight will continue next week in episode 40. Join us next Sunday as we will review that too.

*Note: Goku actually used Kaioken more times than originally stated. Thanks for the person who pointed this out.

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