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Top 10 Reasons To Buy Destiny This Fall Over Call Of Duty


After man fans got a chance to play the Destiny Alpha this weekend it is only logical, after all the feedback on the internet and forums that the hype is real. Destiny is truly the next-generation of shooters. So I decided to come up with a list of why you need Destiny in your life over that ‘other’ shooter, Call Of Duty.

10.) Studio With A Pedigree
It’s made by an award winning AAA studio that continues to reinvigorate the shooter genre. Yeah, Bungie. These are the guys who revolutionized the genre years ago with Halo and again with Halo 2.


9.) Persistent Online
Having a persistent online revolutionizes the mainstream shooter. Where games like Warframe and Planetside 2 do it its not as deep and interesting as Destiny has done it. No matter where you are, playing story, online in the Crucible or looking for new goods in the Tower. You will always be joined by other players.


8.) Scaling Online
When I say scaling online I mean that everyone is always at different levels and the risk/reward for each battle is ever-changing but with the help of friends you can accomplish anything. Having public events even make things more interesting. 


7.) Customization
You create your character in Destiny. Full character customization and loadout customization and the ability to always have an array of weapons at your disposal makes you ready for any fight.


6.) Class-Specifics
Class-specific abilities help differentiate classes so everyone feels different and it doesn’t just act like the same character with a new coat of paint. Titan for me, but everyone swears by the Warlock’s ranged powers. To each their own in Destiny.


5.) MMO-Like
Destiny is first online shooter that feels more like an MMO than a Call Of Duty clone. Persistent world, instances, and a heavy RPG element that makes me never want to stop playing.

- This article was updated on:February 21st, 2017

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