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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 Guide and Tips

Welcome to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 Guides and Walkthroughs page.  You’ll find the latest guides and tips, walkthroughs, best weapons, and updates for COD Modern Warfare.

Modern Warfare Latest Patch Notes

COD Modern Warfare Update January 28th, 2020


  • Added Deathmatch Domination!
  • Added Gunfight Custom!
  • Shipment 24/7 is back! (Replaces Shoot the Ship)
  • Removed Winter Docks
  • Moved Capture the Flag into the Quick Play Filter

Modern Warfare Weapon Changes:

  • MP5: Reduced headshot multiplier, Small reduction to 10mm range
  • M4: Small damage decrease to reduce headshot effectiveness, Small range decrease
  • M13: Range increase, Small reduction to horizontal recoil, Small damage increase to boost headshot effectiveness
  • Crossbow: Players are able to shoot down an enemy Support Helo with only 3 Thermite Bolts. This has been adjusted; 5 to take down a VTOL and 6 to take down a Support Helo and Chopper Gunner

Other Fixes:

  • Fix for an exploit in Ground War via ATV
  • Fix for missing character model on the LA OpTic CDL skin
  • Shipment: Spawn tuning to reduce the frequency of instant deaths and spawn traps. Adjustments to spawn positions around the edge of the map for all modes. New spawn logic for Domination.
  • When using keyboard and mouse, a controller button prompt will appear to access the Social Menu while matchmaking. On PC with a PS4 controller, the button prompt will appear as an Xbox prompt. This has been fixed
Multiplayer Guides

Modern Warfare Weapon Tier List

Looking for the best guns and loadouts to use in Modern Warfare Multiplayer? Look no further as this comprehensive guide to guns, loadouts, and set-ups run and gun, sniper, camper loadouts and more that you can use in COD Modern Warfare online.

The Best Guns and Loadouts in Modern Warfare

Optimize Audio Settings in Modern Warfare

Hearing footsteps in Modern Warfare is one of the best ways to get an edge on your competition. This year, Call of Duty has more options than ever when it comes to the sound of the game. This guide will help you find the best audio settings in Modern Warfare to hear footsteps more clearly.

Best Audio Settings in Modern Warfare

Best Controller Aim Assist and Sensitivity

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is one of the most robust games in the franchise when it comes to the options that players have when customizing the experience. That includes your controller settings as well and we think that we've found the best controller settings to help you aim better and hit your targets. In this guide we explain all of the different controller options in Modern Warfare and suggestions to make you a better Call of Duty player.

Best Controller Settings for Modern Warfare
Single Player Walkthroughs

Modern Warfare Story Video Walkthrough

We'll take you through each level in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Head to each campaign story mission for a video playthrough of the mission on the default difficulty level. Each level will also include tips and hints to make it through the level on your first try.

Modern Warfare: Fog of War Walkthrough

Modern Warfare Single Player Mission List

Fog of WarPiccadilly
EmbeddedProxy War
Clean HouseHunting Party
The EmbassyHighway of Death
HometownThe Wolf's Den
CaptiveOld Comrades
Going DarkInto the Furnace
Spec Ops Walkthroughs

Modern Warfare Spec Ops Mission Guides

Operation HeadhunterOperation Kuvalda
Operation HarbingerOperation Brimstone
Operation Just RewardOperation Strongbox
Operation PaladinOperation Crosswind
Battle Pass Walkthrough

How to Level up Battle Pass fast

The Battle Pass can be leveled up by playing competitive multiplayer modes or Spec Ops Cooperative modes in Modern Warfare. To level up the Battle Pass fast in Modern Warfare the biggest component to doing this is time played, but you can speed up the process by completing in-game challenges and missions.

Gunsmith Walkthroughs

DIY Blueprints

Any gun that is being sold for Call of Duty points can be made in the Gunsmith in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Check out this guide for current premium guns, real-life guns attachment combos, and other custom gunsmith designs for unique and powerful guns without having to pay for them.

Modern Warfare: DIY Gunsmith Guide
How to Get Gun Camo in Modern Warfare

Gold Guns

Gold Guns in Modern Warfare are unlocked by completing each challenge for a specific weapon. These vary from weapon to weapon and include completing objectives like getting kills without attachements, getting mounted kills, headshots, and more.

Damascus Camo

Damascus Camo is the hardest camo to get in Modern Warfare and to unlock it you need to complete the Gold Gun Challenge for every gun in the game.