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Batman v Superman Will Have At Least A Hour Long Panel At Comic-Con

by Dean James


We just finished up with E3 and that means that we must now look forward to next month’s San Diego Comic-Con, which is set to bring us tons of geek culture news. With the DC Cinematic Universe really kicking into high gear in early 2016, it sounds like DC’s showing at this year’s Comic-Con will be something special.

We learned recently that Marvel was skipping the convention year, but that loss is DC’s gain as they will have all of the attention on them that week. They already managed to blow up the internet with just a few minutes last year and it sounds like it will be much longer this year.

Jesse Eisenberg, who is playing Lex Luthor in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, has been speaking out a lot more lately about the film. The latest tidbit comes from an interview with Collider, where he not only confirmed he will be at Comic-Con, but also how long he expects to be on stage.

Eisenberg mentions that he will be making an appearance at Hall H, but more specifically said “I’ll be there…I think I’m there for the hour I’m on the stage.”

This sounds very promising for them giving us a lot at Comic-Con this year about not only Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but hopefully some of the other upcoming films at well based on that amount of time and that could just be a portion of the time that he is involved.

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