Ethics Statement

Attack of the Fanboy does not sell video games, or gain from the sale of video games. Video games that we recommend to our readers are purely recommendations from our hands-on experience with the title(s). There are some instances where we receive promotional content from game publishers, but rest assured, our goal is to always keep our reader’s best interests at heart.


As you may have seen, our site contains third party advertising. This advertising is a major source of revenue for Attack of the Fanboy (only source). The revenue derived from the site is minimal, but does keep us afloat, and allow us to continue to bring you news, reviews, and all of the content that you’ve come to expect from our site. We do not accept money or other goods/services in exchange for favorable reviews or any other editorial slant on our site. For more information about the advertising process on Attack of the Fanboy see our Privacy Page.


You’ll find news from various origins on Attack of the Fanboy. We continue to remain vigilant in giving proper credit where credit is due through attempting to verify where a story originated if we plan to use it on our site. In the event where we are “tipped off” by a reader, we will give that reader credit in whatever way that they choose. Be that a link to their website, youtube page, etc. No monetary compensation is offered for tipsters.


If you’ve been following us for awhile, you know that from time to time we’ll take to Twitter or Facebook to do a giveaway of gaming related content. Some contest may have different rules than others, so please check the appropriate contest rules page when deciding on whether to participate or not. Editors, writers, their friends and families are not eligible for contest held by Attack of the Fanboy.


Community Content on Attack of the Fanboy does not express the opinion of or its staff. This content is purely the perspective of the one individual who wrote the article, and that person may or may not be a regular contributor to the site.  The comments section of Attack of the Fanboy falls under this category as well.  The comments on our site DO NOT represent the opinion of or its staff.

Update: 1/1/17

We encountered a database corruption during server migration that erased some author accounts.  This in turn assigned your articles to our adminstrator.  If you wrote for Attack of the Fanboy in the past, and you need either a written recommendation or have specific articles that are needed for reference, please contact us directly to remedy this contact at