Finding Trending Topics

Sometimes, finding topics to write about can be difficult. Thankfully, there are tools you can use to help out with that. This guide will walk you through the steps of finding trending topics that people are searching for. These topics should be your number one priority if you want to bring in traffic.

Google Autocomplete

This is the easiest method to find new topics. Just go to Google and type in the name of a game plus a question such as “how” or “where.” Then, Google will attempt to finish your search query for you by listing some of the most popular searches about your topic. For example, typing “Fortnite how” or “Fortnite best” into Google will get you results like “Fortnite how to level up fast” and “Fortnite best controller settings,” both of which would make excellent guides.


The autocomplete data is taken from searches around the world, so these are real topics that people are actively searching for. If you’re looking to get a few general ideas about a certain game, then this is a perfect way to do so. If you’re looking for more specific topics that will bring in a lot of traffic, on the other hand, then there are better methods to try.

Google Trends

Google Trends is without a doubt the best way to find trending topics. To start, go to the Google Trends site. Then, enter the name of a game. When you search for a topic, the site will show you traffic over the past 12 months by default. Click on that dropdown menu and change the range to the past 7 days.

Once you’ve changed the date range, scroll down to the Related Queries section. These are the highest-searched questions about the game you searched for. You can even click on the related queries themselves to get even more related questions.


For example, searching “Fortnite” and selecting the past 7 days as the range, you can see that “family portrait fortnite” has seen a spike in searches. If you click on that phrase, you’ll see even more related queries like “find family portrait fortnite” and “fortnite family portrait shipwreck.” It looks like there’s a new Fortnite challenge involving a family portrait and a shipwreck, and a quick Google search shows that to be true. This is how you’ll find the best topics for guides and news, so get used to working with Google Trends.

Once you get more comfortable with the site, you can change the date range to past day instead of the past 7 days so you can get more immediate information Of course, there’s less data for this range because there aren’t as many days to pull from, so the data could be less accurate.


When in doubt, look at the chart. If the line is showing consistent spikes every day, then it’s a great topic to write about because it shows no signs of slowing down. If there is barely any activity and the line is flat at 0 most of the time, then it’s probably not worth writing about.

Take a look at the chart above, for example. The line is flat before February 18, presumably because the challenge was not available yet. The line spikes up every day consistently, indicating a steady supply of searches, but the peaks are getting slightly lower every day. People are probably completing the challenge and fewer people are searching for it as a result. It’s still probably a good topic to cover because people will keep searching for it for at least another week, but the peak is already behind us. As you spend more time with Google Trends, you’ll learn to read the data and make informed decisions on what to cover.

When you start covering a game, always head to Google Trends and cover the top-rated related queries. These are the topics that are getting the most searches and these are the topics that will bring in the most traffic.