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The world of Adult Visual Novels can be incredibly overwhelming for new players, mainly due to how saturated the market is, and Steam is an absolute hot spot for them. Because of this, you never really know if you’re looking at the best of the best or if the game you’re about to play is worth any time. Then, of course, you can always go to the reviews, which usually hint at whether you’re wasting your time. So read on to discover the best adult visual novels on Steam.

The Best Adult Visual Novels Available on Steam

When it comes to finding the best visual novels available on Steam, it comes down to user preference more than anything else. Each player will enjoy different elements of the games, but those featured below tend to have a generally positive audience reception for a good reason. Whether you are looking for something mature and flirtatious, or something with a slightly twisted outlook, Steam has something for everyone. The following list contains a mix of highly praised, unique, and top-rated titles.


Dream Daddy

If you’ve had any adult visual novels experience, Dream Daddy has probably popped up on more than one occasion. Although this game has no visually explicit content, it handles some 18+ themes and can be slightly promiscuous and suggestive through its storyline. But in doing so, you will also develop a strong emotional connection with the characters. With the ability to create your own Dadsona and meet seven charming fathers during your time in the sleepy town of Maple Bay, you can never know where the first date will lead.


Hush Hush

Hush Hush challenges players to juggle an array of lovers alongside a busy schedule to help them avoid facing a pretty gruesome fate. Featuring the cast of the well-loved Crush Crush, players will explore both mature and dark themes within this game while solving secrets and learning about your potential relationship candidates. The storyline handles some intense interpersonal relationships and explicit narratives and promises some charming characters that players will become incredibly attached to, even without the experience of Crush Crush.


Doki Doki Literature Club!

Much like Dream Daddy, you’ve more than likely stumbled across Doki Doki Literature Club during your dive into the world of adult visual novels. While this cutesy game initially feels like your standard run-of-the-mill dating simulator, the adult aspect comes in with an unexpected violent twist. But between the psychological horror, this visual novel will still give you reasons to become obsessed and engrossed in the characters. There is an in-depth story to follow if you can stomach everything leading up. This game may not be for the faint of heart and not always for the reasons you expect.


Sucker for Love: First Date

If you’re looking for an incredibly unique twist on a visual novel, then Sucker for Love: First Date may deliver. Instead of proposing a variety of quirky, humanoid characters, Sucker for Love specializes in Eldrich Gods and ritual casting. This hands-on experience will make you fall for the most unlikely candidates and do all you can to keep them happy. Despite its themes, this game focuses more on the horror side of things than it does on the adult themes, which is what makes it unsuitable for young gamers.


Crush Crush

Crush Crush has received a ridiculously positive reputation within the adult visual novel world due to its idle gameplay and charming cast, alongside its humourous dialogue and promiscuous content. During your time with this visual novel, you will have to improve yourself to have a chance with over 40 unique characters, but your hard work will pay off with a gallery of rewards and some hidden content. Handling nudity and mature themes, Crush Crush may look cute, but it’s not for anyone under 18.


Everlasting Summer

Everlasting Summer is one of Steam’s highest-rated Adult Visual Novels, and there’s a good reason. Aside from being completely free-to-play, the story of this game will have you exploring why you ended up in the cozy camp of Sovyonok. Luckily, you won’t have to explore the whole place alone, and several campers are more than happy to help you on your journey and answer the question of how you can return to your everyday life and whether you should.



Nekopara is an unusual twist on your standard visual novel, and although its inhabitants take a humanoid appearance, on closer inspection, they have oddly feline features. Within this cutesy and unusually charming cat-girl paradise, you will meet more than just two central characters who are quick to please the player. Aside from its mature content, the main appeal of this game is the comedic dialogue that unravels as you progress through the story and get to know Chocola and Vanilla.


Riddle Joker

One of the reasons Riddle Joker is so highly praised is the sci-fi element of its gameplay. While it still had the stereotypical features of an adult visual novel through its romantic and flirtatious dialogue, the introduction of Astrals gives it a unique twist. Every girl you meet is one of the Astrals you are sent to investigate, so you need to get to know them incredibly well, and this game lets you do that with almost no limits. There is a lot to take in within Riddle Joker, and the characters you meet will both help and make things more difficult every step of the way.


The Ditzy Demons Are in Love With Me

The Ditzy Demons Are in Love With Me is an impish take on adult visual novels, focusing on predominantly cheeky and comedic dialogue and characters rather than the popular sweet and innocent. Taking on the role of the teacher’s assistant in a class filled with useless demons, it becomes the player’s job to whip everyone into shape and make sure no one is acting up. But given the succubus nature of each character you meet, your job is easier said than done. This game hanIn addition, this a mass of mature content outside its cute and bright appearance, so it isn’t for anyone unprepared.

- This article was updated on November 7th, 2022

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