Is PlayStation Network Servers Down? How to Check PSN Server Status

Having issues with PlayStation Network today?

by Gordon Bicker


PlayStation Network is used by an abundance of people every single day so when there are server issues it can cause major problems and confusion across the board. Within the last few minutes, there has been a lot of reporting that there are server issues with PlayStation Network and also more specifically PlayStation Plus. I personally couldn’t even view my PlayStation Plus subscription a few moments ago which means there are absolutely issues happening with the network at the moment. This article will explain how you can check the server status and if PlayStation Network is indeed down.

Is PlayStation Network Down?

At the moment it appears as though PlayStation Network is down, it is likely that the team at PlayStation is currently investigating why the outage is happening. The official status is still showing that all services are up and running but this is likely to change. It is unknown if it is tied to specific regions, I am writing from the UK where it is absolutely down as of the time of writing. Further, on Twitter people have also been reporting problems along with reporting the issues on the main status detector sites.

How to Check PSN Server Status

If you are wanting to keep up to date with all of the status updates on the servers as they happen then you will need to check the official PSN server status. You will be able to find this information through the official PlayStation website through this link. The current status saying that everything is up and running will probably change soon. It should be noted that overall these outages are generally fixed quickly so you will be enjoying whatever you were doing with the network again in no time! Whether you are needing hints with Stray trophies today or anything else you can do with PlayStation Plus, you shouldn’t have to wait too long.

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