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Call of Duty: Ghosts – Mayday Extinction Tips


Finding the Mayday Extinction map difficult? Haven’t yet beat the massive Kraken monster? Just want tips to improve your game? These tips for Call of Duty:Ghosts cooperative Extinction mode will help.

Crafting Schematics

Extinction is all about survival, and Mayday gives you the opportunity to craft powerful items that you find during the game. These will help you survive a little longer, and they don’t cost anything for you to make. Building these items will require that you have both the Schematics and the parts. The Schematics are in specific areas of the Mayday level, but the parts are placed in random areas for each time you begin the game.

  • Sticky Flare – Located in the starting area, up the stairs, on the right, on the toolbox.  Required Items (Fuse,TNT, Resin) – Makes 2 Sticky Flares
  • Pipe Bomb – Located in the starting area, up the stairs, on the right, on the toolbox. Required Items (Fuse,TNT,Pipe) – Makes 5 Pipe Bombs
  • Hypno Trap – Located just after you encounter the Kraken Tentacles for the first time. Required Items (Biolum,Cell Battery, Pressure Plate)
  • Tesla Trap – Located just after you encounter the Kraken Tentacles for the first time. Required Items (Amolecular Magnet, Wires, Battery)
  • Venom-X – Required Items (Nucleic Battery, Deactivated Venox-X, Biolum) Different types of Biolum will make a different variation of the weapon.

Locker Keys

Nightfall Extinction Mode introduced lockers in the map, and they’re back in Mayday.  When you find a locker key, and use it on a locker, you’ll earn a free gun.  Locker keys can be found in any of the hidden searchable areas in Mayday, and there are a pair of lockers at the very beginning of the level.  Search the environment thoroughly, and if you discover a locker key, you can start off with a free good gun, instead of having to pay for a new weapon.

Lockers keys locations, and the guns in the lockers are random.

Communication & Loadouts

Your best chance for survival in Extinction is making sure that your loadout works well with your teammates.  As a team, you should be using all of the specialized classes.  Having teammates who specialize as the Engineer or Medic can really help you out of tough situations with faster revival and drill repair times.  Weapons specialists can deal more damage, and tank players can take more damage from enemies.  Furthermore, you should try to spend your skill points in areas that your teammates aren’t.  From our previous Extinction Tips Guide.

  • Atleast one player, no more than 2 should spend multiple points on ammunition and spend them on that. They can provide ammo regularly and don’t need to spend cash on anything else. Preferably players with a high enough level to have unlocked Explosive or Armor Piercing rounds.
  • One player should always spend 2 to 4 points on Armor. It’s only $1000, and later in the game having full armor will keep you alive for far longer.
  • Atleast one player should spend a good few points on the Weapon Specialist’s class ability. This means they can do the bulk of the damage.
  • One player should spend a few points on an Equalizer or Strike Package. This should be whoever is the highest level, because they will have a better loadout.

Using Teeth

The Mayday Extinction Mode has a new collectible called Teeth, which allows you to purchase upgrades in the Armory.  Teeth can be used to purchase a number of different buffs, like faster reloads, faster revives, health regeneration, etc.    There are a number of ways to earn these teeth.  You’ll get one each time you prestige, killing kryptids, or using relics while you play the game.  Killing the Kraken’s tentacle in the first part of Mayday will also net you teeth by Killing the Tentacle before the drill finishes.  You can also farm the teeth from this area.

Infinity Ward has revealed all of the different ways that you can earn teeth in Extinction Mode.  You can find them below.

  • Completing a map (+1)
  • Completing a map with a Relic (+1, whether you have one or all five active)
  • Completing with a player that has never completed a map before (+1)
  • Completing a map in Hardcore Mode (+1)
  • Take out 600 Cryptids (+1)
  • Obtaining Ranks 2, 6, 11, and 21 (+1 for each, only counted the first time
  • Reaching a new Extinction prestige level (+1, plus another for each prestige level you have obtained prior to this update)

There is also a Bonus Pool that offers up to 3 Teeth every week. Each time you destroy a Barrier Hive in any episode – by the chopper near the lodge in Point of Contact, the Breeder in Nightfall, the tentacle in Mayday – you will be awarded one of these bonus Teeth. This a great way to easily build up your supply over time. A counter next to the Bonus Pool displays how many days are left before it resets for the following week.

Complete Challenges

When placing the drill down on hives, you’ll also have the opportunity to complete various challenges.  Destroying the hive itself will net you a single skill point, but completing the challenge will grant you additional skill point.

The challenges range  in difficulty, but many are easy to achieve if you’re paying attention at the start of the drilling process.  Simply put, complete these challenges and you’ll level up twice as fast in Mayday.

- This article was updated on:February 21st, 2018

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