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Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Guide – Episode 1 Secret Objectives

by Dean James


After being featured in last year’s stellar Super Mario 3D World as simply a change of pace mini-game, Captain Toad has ventured out on his own with Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. With basically the same gameplay as in Super Mario 3D World, each stage is a little more in-depth and complex than before.

Beyond the three gems and end star that are available in every stage, there is also one secret objective per stage that can be unlocked. However, rather than being standard, these vary from stage to stage with objectives like finding a Gold Mushroom to collecting a certain number of coins.

The strange thing about these secret objectives is that you do not know what one will be for a stage until you complete it, though you can always unlock it during the first playthrough. As a result, we thought we would compile a list of what the secret alternate objectives are so that you can complete them on the first time through each stage if you would like. For those interested, these are the secret objectives for the first 18 stages that make up Episode 1 of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.

1.    Plucky Pass Beginnings – Collected the Gold Mushroom!
2.    Walleye Tumble Temple – Didn’t destroy the temple’s bridge!
3.    Touchstone Trouble – Cleared course in 3 touches!
4.    Mushroom Mesa – Defeated all of the enemies!
5.    Double Cherry Palace – Collected 70 coins!
6.    Shy Guy Heights – Slipped past all the Shy Guys!
7.    Spinwheel Library – Collected the Gold Mushroom!
8.    Mine Cart Tunnel Showdown – Defeated all the Para-Biddybuds!
9.    Spinwheel Bullet Bill Base – Collected the Gold Mushroom!
10.    The King of Pyropuff Peak – Collected 45 coins!
11.    Piranha Creeper Cove – Collected 70 coins!
12.    Briny Bowl Swimming Hole – Found the hidden Gold Mushroom!
13.    Turnip Cannon Jungle – Cleared course using only 1 shot!
14.    Pop-Up Prairie Town – Collected the 1-Up Mushroom!
15.    Drop-Road Dash – Didn’t defeat any Para-Biddybuds!
16.    Bizarre Doors of Boo Mansion – Cleared course in 4 touches!
17.    Blizzard on the Star Express – Collected the 1-Up Mushroom!
18.    Wingo’s Watchtower – Collected 70 coins!

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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