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How to Get to the Highest Level in Destiny

by Dean James


Yesterday brought the release of the much anticipated first expansion for Destiny known as The Dark Below. While sparking some controversy in a few ways, there is no doubt that the DLC will be incredibly popular. One of the biggest selling points for those who love the game is the increased level cap, which is available for not just those who purchase the DLC, but anybody who plays the game.

Anybody that is looking at this guide will likely know how the leveling system works, but as a quick refresher, players can reach Level 20 through normal leveling up means. However, to advance beyond to the previous max of 30, players had to obtain Light Armor that would allow him or her to reach the max. Now, that max has been increased by two levels, though the focus for players in the short term is reaching Level 31.

Gamers who have played Destiny in the past should know that it was impossible to get higher than Level 29 without playing the Iron Banner event or Vault of Glass raid. However, that has changed with the introduction of the latest update to Destiny, as anyone can reach not only Level 30, but also Level 31 without playing these. As a result, it seemed like the perfect time to discuss just how to do that.

First of all, the most annoying way is to rely on random drops of items that could be then leveled up to get you to Level 31. However, we are going to look at the much more strategic and time-saving method of doing so. After getting the new update, new equipment and weapons will be available for purchase, though through the use of marks and commendations rather than Glimmer.

You will want to start off by visiting the Crucible Quartermaster, Vanguard Quartermaster, and one of the three Faction vendors, depending on who you chose prior. The first thing you will notice is the gear has seen the max Light Level increase to 33, which should give you an indication on what you need to do. In addition, certain weapon’s max Attack has been increased to 331.

Once finding the new gear you would like to buy, you must buy it with either Vanguard Marks or Crucible Marks. However, certain gear also requires something brand new with the Dark Below DLC, known as Vanguard or Crucible Commendations. These are earned by increasing your reputation level, between Vanguard and Crucible. Currently, all Legendary helmet and chest pieces, as well as all Legendary weapons, require a commendation. Those looking to pick up the upgraded Legendary gauntlet or boot armor will not need commendations luckily, but just the usual marks.

Once obtaining a full set of new Legendary armor with the max level of 33, it is time to work on leveling them up. To hit Level 31, you will need a total of 132 Light level between your different equipment, so you will need to work on maxing our each piece of gear. At this point, you have basically two different ways of obtaining this.

The simplest route is to level up four brand new Legendary armors that you obtain from the vendor post-update to a Light Level of 33 each, which will add up to 132. Otherwise, you will need an Exotic armor that was traded in to Xur for a Light Level of 36, along with two 33, and a 30, or the equivalent to add up to 132 with those.

The whole process may seem a little complicated, but overall it is much easier to get to 31 at this point, with 32 being only a dream for players at this point. That will come later though, as 31 is the first goal for players to reach now that The Dark Below is officially out. Many are recommending players be Level 31 for the new Raids and Strikes, so it would be very wise to do so through these means to prepare yourself for the level of difficulty that is offered with those.

- This article was updated on:February 24th, 2018

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