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Destiny: House Of Wolves Guide – Vestian Outpost Dead Ghost Locations


Destiny: House Of Wolves is available now and if you have already reached level 34 using our guide then you might be looking for other things to do. How about looking for those Dead Ghosts? Yeah, remember those? You had to collect 50 of them for a trophy/achievement in the main game. Well they make a comeback in House Of Wolves in the Vestian Outpost aka The Reef.

Dead Ghost 01

This first one is kind of easy to get. Go over to Variks, the Loyal and turn left you will see a tent that goes all over to his outpost. You want to jump on top of that tent. You will see a dip in the fabric on the left near the railing. Run and jump at an angle and you should be able to get up there and walk further in and grab the lone dead ghost.


Dead Ghost 02

The second one can be a bit trickier. Go to where there are stairs in the middle and you will see a lone railing below you where you would normally fall into the abyss. You have to jump onto that. The best way is to get a good angle and run jump between what appears to be a shape of a triangle the structure makes. Once you manage to get here (try not to do more than one person at a time or it will get frustrating) crouch to the dead ghost.


Dead Ghost 03

The final ghost is all in a corner, but it can take some maneuvering to get to. Go past Brother Vance and look up once in the corner. You will see it attached to a hanging netting. Now look straight to the wall, you see a set of pipes. Follow the pipes back until you see three boxes. Jump on those boxes and walk on the pipes to get to the netting and grab the ghost.


There you have it all three ghosts for the Destiny: House Of Wolves new outpost at The Reef. Not bad right? It may not have earned you a trophy or achievement, but you got some grimoire cards out of it.

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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