How To Farm Bosses in Cult Of The Lamb

Want to fight your favorite boss once more? Find out how to do that here!

by Shaun Cichacki
How To Farm Bosses in Cult Of The Lamb

If you’re looking for the best way to start farming for rewards and follower forms in Cult Of The Lamb, you’ll be happy to know that you’re able to re-fight a boss after defeating them. While the bosses may be imposing and powerful, you’ll find that the thrill of bringing them down is something that can leave you itching for another round against them.

But, how do you happen to fight them again? What do you need to do to bring the pain their way once more? Let’s find out what you’ll need to do, and what steps you’ll need to take first before you can fight your favorite Bishop once more in this adorable, yet wicked little game!

Fight Bosses Again In Cult Of The Lamb


If you want to take on your favorite boss once more, you’ll need to go into an area that you have already defeated and begin making your way through the trails that lay before you. As you make your way through these different rooms, you’ll eventually come across a Devotion Statue at the beginning of one of the levels. Usually, this happens in the third room or later, but you may be lucky enough to come across one sooner than that.

Once you have found one of these statues, you’ll need to attack and destroy it, which will open up a portal underneath. Climb into this portal, and prepare for a souped-up version of the bosses that you have fought before, with more health and more damaging attacks. While these bosses may be able to take a few more hits, and cause you to lose more hearts, following patterns that you have used in the past will still prove to be effective, as you work on ways to take them out.

After you have defeated them, you’ll be treated to plenty of spoils, including new follower forms and decorations, as well as a smattering of extra Gold and items. Make sure that you’re ready to be done with the level that you are on, however, when you defeat them, you will be transported back to your Cult, and will have to go back into the world once more, rather than being able to continue further in.

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Cult of the Lamb is available on August 11, 2022, on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, macOS, and PC.