How to Get Tendrils Quickly in Ship of Fools

Tendrils make for a happy sailor.

by Noah Nelson

Ship of Fools is an excellent game from start to finish but one thing that you’ll need a lot of to continue to make progress is Tendrils. Unlike sand dollars, Tendrils are the only currency you get to keep from your runs. You’ll need Tendrils for the best early upgrades, upgrading your cannons, and buying new ammo and trinkets. Because it is so important, here is how to get Tendrils fast in Ship of Fools.

How to Farm Tendrils in Ship of Fools

Now that you know how important Tendrils are in Ship of Fools — reminder: they are the only way to make progress towards the Eye, of the Storm — you’ll need to know how to get Tendrils quickly. The best ways to get Tendrils fast are to defeat bosses, get a high-scoring run, and look for one-off Tendrils.

There are four bosses in Ship of Fools and they all give you Tendrils when they are defeated. Tentacles, the first boss, gives you three Tendrils, Claws, the second boss, gives you four Tendrils, Heads, the third boss, gives you five Tendrils, and Eye, the final boss, gives you six Tendrils. By defeating these bosses, you’ll earn a lot of Tendrils very quickly.

The second farming Tendrils pro-tip is to get a high-scoring run. whenever you lose or complete your run, you’ll get a score based on the number of items you had, the enemies you killed, and the sand dollars you collected.

The higher these numbers, the higher your score. As you pass point thresholds of 150, 300, 500, 700, and onward, you’ll get one Tendril. The best way to get a high score in Ship of Fools is to get an ammo type that grants you sand dollars for every hit. With that, you’ll earn a very high score and get a lot of Tendrils at the end of your run.

The last way to get a lot of Tendrils quickly in Ship of Fools is to go toward the jellyfish-looking symbols on the map and hit every barrel and crate in shops. Once you’ve completed the jellyfish-looking symbol encounter, you’ll get Tendrils. Barrels and crates in shops sometimes house Tendrils, so look for those. Lastly, Tendrils sometimes float along during encounters, so be sure to harpoon them.

And that is how to farm Tendrils in Ship of Fools. Before you know it, you’ll have a lot of Tendrils. The downside is, it’ll feel like you never have enough Tendrils. Because of that, you’ll need to head back out and collect more.

Ship of Fools is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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