No More Heroes 3: How to Repeat Boss Fights

Time to SS everything!

by Andron Smith

If you want to earn UC and WESN a bit faster or are just looking for a bigger challenge, learning how to repeat boss fights is a must. Every (serious) boss fight in NH3 will put your battle knowledge to the test. Since the game is focused on taking down the ten ranked alien assassins (or superheroes – whatever you want to call them), once you finish their battle, the main story moves on without a clear way of how to challenge them again for a higher rating. That’s where this guide comes in. Here’s everything we know on how to repeat boss fights in No More Heroes 3.

How to Repeat Boss Fights in No More Heroes 3

To repeat boss fights in No More Heroes 3, either use the pole in Travis’ motel room and head down or the direct path from Burger Suplex (next to the motel) to Naomi’s lab. In Naomi’s lab, find the time machine to the left of the power-up machine and when you boot it up, you’ll find all the boss battles you have defeated. There are actually more difficulties present here than in the first playthrough of the game, see below to find out more about them.

From Berry Sweet to Death

The difficulties in the time machine go two steps beyond what is unlocked in the initial game. Clearing each boss on any difficulty will reward players with WESN, rare crafting materials, and other goodies so it’s worth the time to invest in if looking to 100% everything. See below for a quick cheat sheet of the different difficulties available in the time machine.

  • Berry Sweet – Easy difficulty. No charge for entry. You’ll gain a blue shield that blocks all attacks automatically.
  • Bitter – Normal Difficulty. No charge for entry. Bosses will hit for normal damage and have normal hp.
  • Spicy – Hard Difficulty. Must clear Bitter difficulty then pay 100 WESN for entry. Bosses hit a lot harder and have higher HP. Unconfirmed but Bosses seemed to start using additional attacks in this mode.
  • Carolina Reaper – Very Hard difficulty. must clear Sipcy difficulty then pay 300 WESN. Bosses hit super hard and have way more HP.
  • Death – Extremely Hard difficulty. Must clear Carolina Reaper difficulty then pay 600 WESN. Bosses will dang near one-shot you and have a whole bunch of HP. The flavor text reads “you’re probably gonna die.”

No More Heroes 3 is available now on the Nintendo Switch. Be sure to check the rest of our No More Heroes 3 Guides while you’re here!