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Skyrim Sex Mods 2021 – Best Adult Mods for Elder Scrolls V

Spice up your Skyrim sex life with these mods.

by AOTF Staff


The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim has benefitted from a very cunning and creative community of modders since its initial release.  Some of the most popular and best Skyrim mods around have been Skyrim sex mods even with Skyrim modders creating anything and everything ranging from a Thomas the Tank Engine-shaped dragon to Shouts that sound like farts. This vast array of adult, nude, and sex mods for Skyrim has many to choose from and this Skyrim sex mod list has you covered with all the best that the adult modding community has created. There are thousands of mods available to spice up your Skyrim adventure these are the best of them.

Note: A lot of these mods require either LoversLab or SexLab to be installed so they will run. These adult mods are only available for the PC version of Skyrim.


Best Skyrim Sex Mods 2021

  • Clams of Skyrim
  • Schlongs of Skyrim
  • SexLab Lover’s Comfort
  • Painslut Companion
  • Bannered Mare Immersive Sexual Playground
  • CHSBHC Body & Physics Mod
  • Furniture Bondage
  • Flower Girls SE & VR
  • Goodbye Revelers, Hello Drunken Sluts!

Clams of Skyrim Project


Clams of Skyrim works as a female body-replacer in the game. It features fully functional vaginas, as well as other genital and body scaling. We’ll leave you to figure out what exactly this mod is good for…

Schlongs Of Skyrim


Not to be forgotten about, the male population of Skyrim can also benefit from customizable genitalia with SOS. Adding a whole range of race, gender, and size options to play with, Schlongs of Skyrim lets players change the outward appearance and animation of genitals.

SexLab Lover’s Comfort


Instead of just waking up to a message saying you have your ‘lover’s comfort’, this sex mod allows players to experience it. All of it. While being lore-friendly, Lover’s Comfort allows ‘comforting’ with other residents of the world than your spouse, including your follower and NPCs. And other couples!

Painslut Companion


Ramping it up a bit, we have the fully voiced Painslut Companion. Named Alicia, the lovely S&M-obsessed lady waits for you in your abode at Breezehome (which is unlocked with this adult mod, too).

Bannered Mare Immersive Sexual Playground


As the title suggests, this Skyrim adult mod turns the Bannered Mare tavern in Whiterun into a wild place. Many items hold many different experiences for your traveler – stocks, jails, whipping posts, and more!

CHSBHC Body & Physics Mod

Unlike some others, the name of this mod does not give much away. Body & Physics mod adds movement to NPC’s and characters in Skyrim. Specifically, butt and boob jiggle. Originally built as an add-on to another mod, this grew into its own perky project.

Furniture Bondage

This mod does as it says on the tin. If your house is feeling a little bland after adding all of these sex-based mods, you can jazz it up with bondage and fetish-themed furniture with this mod.

Flower Girls SE & VR


A popular adult mod for Skyrim, Flower Girls adds sex workers into the game. In each major city on the map, working women are there to greet you. These NPC’s will perform various sex acts. It also brings new dialog, an entire seduction system, and more!

Goodbye Revelers, Hello Drunken Sluts!


This genius mod changes the irritating peasant revelers outside towns and taverns into far more pleasing ladies. Ladies who are interested in you, and would quite like to spend some quality time.

Go forth and frolic with these feisty mods for Skyrim.

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is available now on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

- This article was updated on September 9th, 2021

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