Where to Find Ancient Lumber in Wild Hearts

Where can you find this hidden lumber?

by Christian Bognar
Wild Hearts Ancient Lumber Location

Ancient Lumber will be an essential early-game resource in Wild Hearts for upgrading your weapons to deal more damage against the Kemono. While it is a crucial resource, locating it can be challenging, considering the game doesn’t allow you to track Ancient Lumber. The good news is that this resource is abundant if you understand which region to explore! If you are still looking for this resource, read on as we will walk you through how to find Ancient Lumber easily so you can craft better weapons.

Wild Hearts Ancient Lumber Location


Once you obtain one Ancient Lumber, the game will provide you an in-game description stating, “Lumber obtained by felling old trees along the old blossom trail or on the Spirit Isle.” As you can see, there are two different locations you can search to locate this resource. We have had more luck finding Ancient Lumber on the Spirit Isle, so we recommend going here first if you need it as soon as possible.

What Does Ancient Lumber Look Like?


You should pick up every material you come across, but if you were wondering what Ancient Lumber looks like, it looks like a log with a hint of blue on top. Once you find enough, you’ll be able to upgrade weapons and craft armor that require this resource, increasing your chances against the Kemono.

Knowing where to search for each resource will minimize the time spent exploring the world and increase the amount of time you spend hunting Kemono. Make sure you know where to find other resources such as Coral Fragment, Bluestone, and Small Kemono Carapace, as these resources are commonly used, especially in the early game. It is important to remember that resources aren’t the only item you will need to craft armor; you will also need to beat Kemono and be rewarded with body parts to turn in at the Forge for higher-level choices.

Wild Hearts is available now for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC

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