Where to Find Bluestone in Wild Hearts

Where can you find this shiny blue stone?

by Christian Bognar
Bluestone Location Wild Hearts

Bluestone can be extremely helpful in upgrading weapons and crafting new armor sets in Wild Hearts. Besides finding body parts of Kemono, you will also need to collect this resource to come out with some of the best armor, such as the Grifthide Body armor. Bluestone can be challenging to find if you aren’t sure where to start looking. With many regions, it is crucial to narrow your search to increase your chances of finding enough Bluestone for crafting. If you need help finding this resource, read on as we will walk you through the best method and location.

How to Locate Bluestone in Wild Hearts


Wild Hearts provides you with a short description when you find at least one of every item. Bluestone’s item in the materials section under inventory states, “a gleaming blue ore that’s been exposed by the wind and the rain, often found on the Spirit Isle.” It is recommended to start on the beach campsite in Spirit Isle and progress forward across the beach, where you will come across Bluestone. Explore this area thoroughly, and if you need help finding more than one, remember that they respawn after a specific amount of time, so you can always come back and check later.

What Does Bluestone Look Like?


You can tell that you have Bluestone in your sights when you see blue rocks hanging off the mountain scale. Players can also find this item on the ground, but more likely than not, you will find it up against larger rocks, boulders, or mountains. Once you have the amount of Bluestone you are looking for, you can take them to the forge, where you can use them to upgrade specific weapons and craft stronger armor.

Now that you know where Bluestone is located, make sure you are ahead of other hunters by learning where to find Ancient Lumber, Coral Fragments, and Small Kemono Carapace. These are also essential materials regarding upgrading and crafting, so keep on the lookout.

Wild Hearts is available now for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.