Where to Find Coral Fragment in Wild Hearts

Along the Isle's.

by Christian Bognar
Wild Hearts Coral Fragment Location

Coral Fragment is an essential resource for upgrading weapons in Wild Hearts. While the game doesn’t track these resources for you, there are ways to understand better where they are located instead of wandering and trying to find them. Players can use Coral Fragment to upgrade weapons for a water element buff on the skill tree’s left side. This will be an important element buff to have, considering one of the tougher Kemono, Lavaback, is weak against the effects water has. We are here to help you locate Coral Fragment so you can create harder-hitting weapons.

How to Locate Coral Fragment in Wild Hearts


Once you have collected one Coral Fragment, the in-game description is “Coral Material obtained from Natsukodachi Isle. It comes in different colors and shapes and carries the scent of the sea.” That is all we have to go off of, but it does give us a good idea of where to search first. Head to the campsite on the beach in Spirit Isle, or Natsukodachi Isle, depending on what chapter you are on (the names change as you progress into chapter 3). These are the exact same locations.

What Does Coral Fragment Look Like?


In this area, you will need to search a bit until you come across a red-looking coral on the ground, usually found along the water but can be found elsewhere. If you are having trouble locating more than one in one trip, then check back later, as they like to respawn after a set amount of time. The best way to go about waiting for a respawn is to go out and hunt a Kemono, and by the time you are done with that hunt, you should be able to go back and grab another Coral Fragment at the exact location.

Once you have collected enough, craft new weapons on the skill tree. You will likely also need to find Ancient Lumber, Bluestone, or even Small Kemono Carapace for your upgrading needs.

Wild Hearts is available now for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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