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Pokemon Go Guide: Where to Find Snorlax

by Kyle Hanson


As players get deeper into their Pokemon Go adventure, the same questions keep popping up. Usually these are centered around where to find specific rare Pokemon. We’ve shown you how to find Charmander and other starters, as well as Pikachu, but now it’s time to dive into even tougher challenges. Pokemon Go still doesn’t have any legendary Pokemon in it, though they’re coming at some point, so the current rare ones are a bit different. One has risen in popularity though, and his strength is formidable, making him a valuable addition to your team. So, here’s our guide on where to find Snorlax in Pokemon Go.

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any hard and fast theme on where Snorlax will spawn in Pokemon Go. I actually had one appear outside of work one day, just across the street. There’s no significant landmarks nearby, and the environment here is pretty standard stuff. If you were hoping for a simple “go here” you will not find it anywhere as Snorlax seems to pop up randomly around the Pokemon Go world.

Still, you can make some changes to your strategy in order to raise your chances of getting one, it just doesn’t involve actual hunting of Pokemon. Eggs are the key. If you check out this guide you’ll see that a 10km egg has a chance of hatching a Snorlax in Pokemon Go. It’s a small chance, with the possibility of getting one of 15 other Pokemon. Aside from Eevee they’re all pretty rare though, so at least you’ll be getting something good.

We have also shown you how to hatch eggs fast in Pokemon Go, so use those tips to get through the eggs faster than before. It’ll still take a while, but it should help. Unfortunately there is no way to purchase eggs, and you can’t choose what type of egg you’ll get. Just visit as many Pokestops as you can (here’s tips on how to use them), hatching eggs as you go, and try to get lucky and grab some 10km eggs.

Sorry if this doesn’t help a whole lot, but it’s the best info so far for where to find Snorlax in Pokemon Go. Use these tricks and you’ll have the best chance out of anyone, though it all still does come down to luck in the end.

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