12 Minute Video Of Battlefield Hardline Singleplayer Mode Unveiled

by AOTF Staff

EA has just released an epic 12 minute long video of Battlefield Hardline’s singleplayer mode; which is narrated by Visceral Games’ creative director, Ian Milham.

Alongside the unveiling of the singleplayer video Battlefield Hardline writer Tom Bissell spoke out about the storyline and its direction. According to Bissell the plan for Battlefield Hardline is to put people at the forefront of the title instead of the plot itself. Players won’t find a story where gamers discover “how evil the bad guys are and how awesome the good guys are” instead individual characters will reveal themselves to be “messed up”.

Battlefield Hardline will aim to offer a mixture of occasional comic items and action but not to the extent that the game doesn’t feel over the top or “silly”. Talking about the overall plot Bissell commented: “Battlefield Hardline doesn’t reinvent the video-game storytelling wheel. Our goal, however modest it might sound, was to try to achieve a tone that games don’t often have.”

Take a look at the singleplayer mode in the video below. However, make sure you watch until the end where the main character pretends to hand himself over. This is a new viable tactic that Visceral Games has developed to add something unique to the game.