2K Sports Taking NBA 2K16 Ideas From Fans

by Damian Seeto

2K Sports is currently taking ideas from fans to help shape up and improve NBA 2K16.

Ronnie 2K announced on Twitter:

“Keep sending #2K16Ideas using hashtag. Talked to dev this morning & they’ve been excited about seeing videos & google docs!”

NBA 2K15 was a critically acclaimed video game, although it wasn’t without its flaws. Many people have already suggested their ideas to make NBA 2K16 even better.

One of the things NBA 2K16 should fix is probably the face scanning feature from NBA 2K15. Lots of owners of the game struggled to get their faces scanned in NBA 2K15. You may have seen the horrific pictures that were shared online. Not to mention it was a fiddly and lengthy process too.

The main issue that NBA 2K16 should fix are the online servers. The 2K servers are not the best in the world. The servers were not even working when NBA 2K15 launched last year. Even after the game came out, the 2K servers weren’t always consistently online.

If you want to make NBA 2K16 a better game, just use #2k16ideas on Twitter. The two people you should tweet your ideas to are @Ronnie2K and @LD2K.