Alone In The Dark: Illumination Multiplayer Beta Now Available

by AOTF Staff

Fans of Alone In The Dark finally get a chance to take a stab at the next entry in the franchise as the Alone In The Dark: Illumination multiplayer beta has gone into full swing over the weekend amd is open for all players who pre-ordered.

Players can be one of three characters in the beta, Hunter, Witch, Priest or Engineer as they take on Cthulhu’s army of minions. They will use the power of illumination to fight off the baddies. It is set to include three levels; Mines of Lorwich: Ghost Town, Beneath the Graves: The Coffinmaker, and The Factory of Fear: Spectral Railway. If you already pre-ordered the Eldritch Edition online or any of the other editions on Steam or other means, you can get access to the closed beta for Alone In The Dark: Illumination. Essentially the co-op is a large horde mode and the beta showcases this mode as you play as one of the four characters each with a unique set of skills and weaponry. The only one that is tied to the story is the hunter who is described as a direct descendant of Edward Carnby.

The new entry looks to be a return to the tense horror aspect of the franchise but time will tell if fans think this is true or just a marketing ploy. You can check out the official website for more information on the title as it leads up to the release which is still set as ‘Early 2015’. The closed beta weekend is set to end Monday 4/13 @ 5pm EDT.