Atari’s Asteroids: Outpost Releases Today On Early Access

by AOTF Staff

Atari has today announced that Asteroids: Outpost is now available to both purchase and play on Steam, via the Early Access feature.

Asteroids: Outpost is a sandbox multiplayer shooter which takes inspiration from the 1979 classic arcade game Asteroids. Described as a “dramatic reboot” the game sees players taking up roles as deep space miners. Gameplay will revolve around harvesting ores and building up bases to survive.

The game is being made by indie developer Salty Games who have asked gamers for feedback “to assist in the future development of Asteroids: Outpost”. The Early Access version of the game already has a number of features including: tool & weapon crafting, base-building & degradation, asteroid showers, resource gathering, terrain exploration and looting. In a statement alongside the release of the game Atari’s Executive Producer, Peter Banks, had this to say:

“We’ve created this massive world with base-building, crafting, and blasting asteroids out of the sky and we believe this game has great potential. We also understand we need players to make this world thrive and turn this game into a super fun experience. We want players to know the game will evolve over time and this is why we are releasing the game in Early Access.”

In honor of the 1979 arcade classic Asteroids, Asteroids: Outpost will be available for a discounted price of $19.79, 34% off the full game price: according to Atari this offer will only be available for a “limited time”.

- This article was updated on March 27th, 2015