Batman: Arkham Knight Is Very Close To Being Finished

by Damian Seeto

Batman: Arkham Knight fans will be happy to know that the game is very close to being completed.

Batman: Arkham Knight’s game director, Sefton Hill, confirmed on Twitter that development is “very close” from being finished. The team has had a lot of late nights trying to get the game finished and ready to ship this June.

Hill wrote in a subsequent tweet that Rocksteady has “worked longer and harder on this one than ever before”. He ended with the hashtag that Batman: Arkham Knight will be “#GoingOutWithABang”. As many of you will know, this game will be the final one from the Arkham series. Rocksteady is likely to work on something new after this game is finally finished.

Lastly, Hill shared the following early tip for Batman: Arkham Knight players:

Early tip 1: Hold R2 / RT as you run off any rooftop to go straight into a super fast dive. Sounds simple but makes a huge difference!

Anyway, it’s great to know that Batman: Arkham Knight will be finished very soon. The game was scheduled for release in Holiday 2014 but got pushed back until June 2nd, 2015. However, this date got pushed back and now the game will come out worldwide on June 23rd, 2015. Let’s hope that’s the last delay for the game.