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Battlefield 2143, Dinosaurs, does DICE have the balls to go there?

by William Schwartz


DICE did some teasing with Battlefield 3.  The developers left hints strung through the multiplayer content for fans to enjoy.  And while these salvia inducing Easter Eggs made us wonder about the possibilities, DICE hasn’t said anything about any games they are working on outside of the recently announced Battlefield 4.  While fans might be quietly wondering about the possibilities, one ex-DICE developer is throwing down the gauntlet to his former co-workers.

Gordon Van Dyke, one of the developers who worked on Battlefield 2142 recently took to Twitter to call out DICE.

“BF2142 successor on Frostbite Engine would be amazing, but does DICE got the balls to leave the safe haven of a modern war setting?  Hope so,” said the developer.  He followed that up with another tweet that talked about the possibilities that the new engine and teams in place at DICE.  “When I worked on BF2142 we definitely didn’t hit the games full potential, and I think under the right leadership they could now.”

There’s certainly a greater level of creative freedom that taking the Battlefield franchise into the future can grant.  And while it may very well be a matter of dollars and cents at this point, DICE has proven in the past that it can do creative just as well as anybody, when Mirror’s Edge developed it’s cult-like following at the onset of the generation.

Are they cooking something up in Stockholm?  We probably won’t be hearing anything anytime soon due to the impending release of Battlefield 4.

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