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Battlefield 3 DLC Coming Soon “Stay Tuned”

by | @AttackFanboy | on February 14, 2012

A few weeks back an EA executive pointed to an upcoming event in NYC that the company would use as a platform to announce upcoming and highly anticipated Battlefield 3 DLC.  Well, last week came and went with hardly a mention of the phantom content.  With the natives getting restless, EA Community Manager Ian Tornay, took to Reddit to explain yet again that the content is indeed coming and to “stay tuned”.

”I think, as another Redditor pointed out, there’s been some confusion as to what was going to happen. It’s a big time at EA right now. We’re starting to work on new titles, figuring out how to close up our year, and planning for the months to come… That being said, we do have something really cool for you guys and we didn’t want to smoosh it in with a bunch of other stuff. We definitely have information coming,  stay tuned.”

Tornay also explained that DICE has multiple teams working on future Battlefield 3 content on both the DLC front and  game update front.  When asked about the possibility of DICE visiting Battlefield 2143 as a DLC option, Tornay  explained that “There is a lot of enthusiam inside DICE for 2143…Of course it’s an option.”

Tornay did not give a definitive date or timeline to expect these announcements.  So as he says, “Stay Tuned”.

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