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Battlefield 4 free of online pass, what is the world coming to?

| May 19, 2013

Battlefield 4 free of online pass, what is the world coming to? News  Xbox 720 PS4 Battlefield 4

It wasn’t just EA’s large lineup of popular sports titles that saw the inclusion of online passes. It was almost every game published by EA, including DICE’s Battlefield series. With EA recently announcing that they would be stopping their online pass program, this leaves Battlefield 4 free of the online passes we’ve seen over the last few games in the franchise.

So why did they do it? Apparently the program wasn’t popular with consumers, according to the recent announcement from EA. The company said it was an explicit reaction to consumers dislike of the program, it certainly did take them a while to get the message. Though some recent speculation from Rus McLaughlin at Venture Beat suggests that EA may not need to have online passes in the next generation, as Sony and Microsoft might be handling the dirty work for them with their new PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 hardware.

McLaughlin spoke with EA’s Vice President of Communications, Jeff Brown. Brown didn’t allude to whether or not the next-gen consoles would have some sort of used game blocking incorporated out of the box, but its certainly sounds like a possibility.

Then on the other hand, it could just be that EA wasn’t making enough money from the program to actually justify the massive amounts of bad press that it generated. It seems to be one of the topics that no one is really clear on right now. Back in February, Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida told media that the PS4 would not block used games, nor would it have an always online requirement. Just days later, another Sony representative said that this wasn’t set in stone.

As for Microsoft, there has been very little official talk about their next gen console. Up until now, it’s been all rumors and speculation. With a next-gen Xbox reveal slated for Tuesday May 21st, we’ll finally start getting some official details from Microsoft themselves. Though I wouldn’t count on this promotional event dropping a bomb like this.

It’s hard to tell what EA’s motive here is with their removal of the online pass. They are a for profit company, and the system was one that was implemented to recoup some of the paper losses created by used game sales. Did the math just not add up, or is something else afoot?

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    because nobody will buy it OMG LOL

    • Sniper@

      shut up u jobless troll

    • Vitor Lucas

      why y dnt put a grenade in yur month and press the buton.

    • platinumwarrior121

      lol so true,but idk i MIGHT buy battlefail 4,its just so campy and slow

      • mrhertz

        if you want, you can choose the team deathmatches, which is as brainless as any cod match.

        or you can choose a larger scenario and start to act as a team, instead of a bunch of crazy freaks shooting with no skils, like your COD.

        its up to you to choose that on BATTLEFIELD… about COD, sorry, you only have your brainless deathmatch option.

        better to have more than one choice, instead of just one. if you wanna go with COD, ok.. you´re certainly not the kind of player that battlefield fans are looking for. have fun.

  • i think its good that they put the free online pass for battlefield 4 because what if some guy is new to EA anf finds out he has to buy a online pass he wont like that he would like it to just get in the game and not worrry about a online pass and also the online pass i think was a really dumb thing for them to put on there games because its a waste of trees and its no piont thats my opinion and THANK YOU EA GAMES FOR

  • wargamer1969

    My advice to Microsoft this coming week ….Show an actual console and not just a bunch of hyped games and a controller.

    • Dubstep

      Would you rather see a plastic case, or some actual hardware and games?

    • mrhertz

      do you need a plastic case to fill your dreams?

    • antebios

      Yeah, lets see a controller designed with the white race’s hands in mind right? I mean, why the fuck are they pandering to these fucking yellow rice eaters?

  • Sniper@

    This is not a huge thing…..Activision does it…..we should appreciate EA is now going on the correct path

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