Battlefield Hardline Double XP Is Live For Premium Members

by AOTF Staff

Battlefield Hardline Double XP is live again for the second week in a row, with one catch, you have to be a Battlefield Hardline Premium member.

For the second week in a row EA & Visceral Games are hosting a Battlefield Hardline Double XP weekend, but it is strictly for Premium members only. So if you haven’t picked up that lovely add-on of what is essentially a season pass, you are out of luck. It seemed to never segment the community on Battlefield 4 so I guess fans should be okay with it. It appears that at this point most die-hard Battlefield fanatics know by now that to get the most of out of your purchase you have to own Premium anyways with the free battlepacks, double xp, weapons and badges that continuously release.

The announcement comes via the Dan Mitre’ Twitter who serves as Battlefield‘s community manager. Fans are able to hop on now on any platform that Battlefield Hardline is available and as long as you have purchased Battlefield Hardline Premium you should automatically get the double XP bonus. Battlefield Hardline Double XP is expected to end sometime early Monday morning. Be sure to check out our review of Battlefield Hardline to see what we thought of the title when it released last month.