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Bayonetta 2 coming exclusively to Nintendo Wii U

by William Schwartz


Platinum Games has been quiet on the Bayonetta front for quite some time. A teaser here and there left many wondering if the studio had forgotten about one of 2010’s best games. Today Nintendo announced that the sequel to Bayonetta would be arriving exclusively on the Wii U at an undetermined date in the future.

Nintendo will be publishing Bayonetta 2 this time around, and at a press conference earlier today Reggie Fils-Aime explained that this is a direct sequel to the 2010 title which had released on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.   It’s been a long wait for fans of the franchise, but those players are going to need a Wii U to experience the sequel.

How Nintendo managed to snag Bayonetta 2 as an exclusive is a mystery that likely involves the deep pockets at the company.  We ranked Bayonetta as our Game of the Year in 2010, and it looks like we just got another serious reason to snag a Wii U when the console releases this November.

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