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Fallout 4 rumors persist as fans add feedback for Bethesda

by William Schwartz


Fans of the Fallout franchise have been waiting patiently for Fallout 4. Rumors have persisted for months about a possible announcement, and with E3 fast approaching, some are expecting word from Bethesda about the state of one of gaming’s biggest franchises.

While Bethesda has confirmed that they’ve moved on from Skyrim and onto their next big game, nobody knows for certain what that game is. It’s likely next-gen, and it’s likely an RPG, but new activity on the official Fallout forums have fans speculating once again that there may be a Fallout 4 announcement on the way.

A post on the official forum is asking for community feedback about the new game. As stated in the forum, moderators are asking for feedback about the next iteration in the Fallout franchise: “Discuss items you’d like to see in a future game, gameplay tweaks, quest ideas, things you hope are not in the next game and so on. If you want to discuss major issues, use a separate topic – such as the discussion about adding multi-player or co-op play.”

With Bethesda asking such broad questions to their fans, Fallout 4 is sounding like it could be a ways off. It was only a short while ago that Bethesda Game Studios announced that development on Skyrim was complete, but their recent shift in development resources will only speed up the process.

We’re not getting our hopes up for anything at E3 2013 that resembles a finished product with regards to Fallout 4, but we could hear a tease from Bethesda at one of the press conferences on Monday, June 10th. We’ll stay tuned for more details, but for now, it’s just a cruel, cruel tease from the moderators at the official Fallout forums.

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