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Levine’s love letter to Bioshock Infinite fans comes by way of DLC

by William Schwartz


Quite possibly the most anticipated DLC to be released was just announced July 30, 2013. After a long awaited stint with little word, Bioshock creator Ken Levine has announced that the next Bioshock: Infinite DLC, Burial at Sea, will take the players back below the water into Rapture. The major announcement confirmed that two packages called Episodes 1 and Episode 2 will be set in the dystopian Libertarian paradise-lost, seen in the first two Bioshock titles. But what really inspired the creator to harken back to the story’s roots after Infinite’s undeniable success?

Although Ken Levine did not reveal how the roles Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth will play-out, Levine stated that in order to complete the context of Bioshock universe, which after Infinite did not seem connected at all, he’d have to return. In a GameSpot interview Levine highlighted what influenced the crossover storyline:

The Bioshock Infinite DLC will show you two very different sides of Rapture, says Levine

“To me, it is a love letter to the fans, but it started with something I wanted to do, when I saw this image of Elizabeth. Of course, Elizabeth evolves as a character throughout the course of Bioshock: Infinite. She goes from a kid to something much darker and more complex. To see her really as a woman from the beginning as a full-grown woman, really driving the narrative with a sense of control, is something very appealing to me.”

According to Levine, the two parts will show you two very different sides of Rapture, both pre-fall of the city and post-fall. In the first part, the player will see the rise of Andrew Ryan and the fall of Fontaine. The other promises to indulge in the old standby of lunatic infested splicers, after the city had ravaged itself from the inside. The latter will take place in a ruined department store, “In the Elizabeth DLC- (Burial at Sea – Episode 2) we’re going to push it even further, to an almost survival horror place so she feels different from Booker”, Levine explained. And survival horror was definitely and element that the first Bioshock possessed which Infinite did not.

Whether it is a chance to play as a re-imagined Elizabeth, or simply a desire to see Rapture in a new light, Bioshock fans should really consider taking on the Season Pass and purchasing the upcoming DLC. Ken Levine stresses how the upcoming DLC will strengthen the understanding of Elizabeth as a fully realized character, and to expand the title lore to new and exciting dark places. “This is a very deliberate goal to give people a perspective on every Bioshock game they’ve experienced”, according to Levine. What more could the die-hard fans ask for?

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