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Black Ops is in 12% of American Homes

by William Schwartz


Last week Call of Duty Black Ops was crowned the best selling video game of all time.  The numbers are quite staggering actually.  The game has sold 13.7 million copies in the United States across all platforms.  According to IGN and a cross reference of the United States Census numbers, that would put Call of Duty Black Ops in 1 out of 8 American homes.

No details were given by the publication, as to what actually was considered a home, is it just residences, or does the study include college dormitories, fraternity houses, and I’m pretty sure I saw a man playing Black Ops in shack at a Fresno shanty town.  Regardless,  thats alot of Black Ops players.  Three copies reside in my household, I know, I’m busting up the statistics.  But, I wouldn’t put it past many a PC player to have bought Black Ops for Xbox 360 or PS3 after the bungled launch that had many players experiencing problems that rendered the game unplayable.

Source: IGN

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