Attack of the Fanboy

Bleszinski Begs Bulletstorm Players Not to Go on Raping Rampage

by William Schwartz


It would look kind of bad wouldn’t you agree?  About a week ago liscensed doctors and published authors went out of their way to demonize Bulletstorm, the upcoming First person shooter from People can Fly.  Among the criticisms, ” The increase in rapes can be attributed in large part to the playing out of scenes in video games”  said Carol Lieberman.  Of course, rational people quickly shoot down these unproven claims that were attempted to be moved along as fact.

Epic developer, Cliff Bleszinski took to twitter just to give  a warning to purchasers of Bulletstorm:

So if you can’t do it for yourself, please do it for the good of the gaming community.  Bulletstorm will be available this Tuesday February 22nd for PS3, Xbox 360, & PC.

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