Borderlands 3 doesn’t sound like it’s coming out any time soon

by AOTF Staff

Attendees of PAX South’s Gearbox Panel who hoped to hear news about a sequel to the popular Borderlands series, left pretty much empty handed this weekend.  Gearbox DID NOT announce Borderlands 3, and confirmed that the game was not in development.

Coming from a number of different sources, live blogs of the event, and twitter, Gearbox’s Randy Pitchford said “There is literally nothing to tell” about a new Borderlands game.

The only bright spot for those hoping for new details about a sequel to the shooter, was that Gearbox is staffing up and “needs help” to make their next game.

Randy Pitchford revealed that the next game, which he dubbed “the big one” is “Something we need to get started on soon.  Some people already assume we’re working on a future Borderlands game. The fact is, we aren’t.  We want to, and we want to get started soon, and we want some help.”  Pitchford then appealed to developers who were listening to the panel to come to Gearbox and help them make Borderlands 3.

TLDR: Ultimately Gearbox wants to get started with a new Borderlands game, but needs help.  Borderlands 3 does not sound like it’s coming out anytime soon.