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Bulletstorm limited by Xbox 360 Hardware

by William Schwartz


In a recent interview Creative Director for Bulletstorm, Adrian Chmielarz, spoke about the limitations of the Xbox 360.  The developer claimed that the console now being five years old has direct affect on what they can do when developing for the console.  The developer was asked if he felt the hardware is stopping you from doing what you like?  And he replied:

“Yes, but any developer in the world will always say that, no matter what.  We could have 128 GB of RAM and it still won’t be enough.” “Seriously though, it feels pretty good making games on the Xbox 360.  As you can see with the exclusive titles like Halo and Gears or multiplatform titles like Bulletstorm, the quality is high enough not to feel any pressure for the next generation.  People like the current gen, and I think we still have a lot of room for exploration.”

It’s nice to see that developers are pushing the limits of our current technology before speeding off and hopping on to the next big thing. Chmielarz game, Bulletstorm is slated to release on February 22nd for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. Demos are available now on your console of preference.

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